Upload season 1, episode 9 recap – What happened in “Update Eve”?

May 1, 2020
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Upload season 1, episode 9, “Update Eve” sees Nora do everything she can to find out the truth as Nathan vows to be financially independent.

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Upload season 1, episode 9, “Update Eve” sees Nora do everything she can to find out the truth as Nathan vows to be financially independent.

This recap of Amazon Original series Upload season 1, episode 9, “Update Eve” contains significant spoilers.

How does Upload season 1, episode 9, “Update Eve” begin?

Nathan is determined to break up with Ingrid and he discussed his financial options with his mother.

Nathan is determined to be independent.

But there is a new update coming to Lakeview and Uploads need to be asleep during the update — the winter update means there will be a party beforehand.

Does Nathan finally get in touch with Jamie?

He does, and it’s taken a whole series. Jamie rings back and claims he did not murder him, but he does feel guilty for hooking up with Ingrid and he apologizes. Due to his guilt, he gives Nathan $3k and apologizes.

Nathan Brown moves to 2gig status, finally free from Ingrid.

Meanwhile, Nora brings Bryant to the Upload party to use him as a distraction from the supervisor. As part of the party, the supervisor announces to the uploads of an egg hunt — whoever finds it gets a million Lakeview bucks and a thousand real bucks for their angel.

How does Ingrid react to Nathan turning himself into 2gig status?

Ingrid turns up to the party and tells Nathan that she will upload his allowance but Nathan explains his feelings have changed. An emotional Ingrid explains that she needs to protect him because of what “he knew”. When Nathan asks if he was murdered, she gets upset and leaves.

Ingrid then speaks to her father in anger and floods of tears. She tells her father she has been dumped and hinted that he changed the self-drive car from protect-occupant but he denies it and she gets upset and explains that she is heartbroken.

What is Nora really up to?

Nora sneaks off at the party and speaks to Nathan. She reckons Nathan staying awake during the update will give him memory restoration. Nathan tells Nora that he broke up with Ingrid and gives her a present. Nora also has a present for Nathan which is a code exposure tool. They hold hands and Nora feels him properly for the first time.

Afterward, ironically, the richest man on Lakeview finds the egg. And then it’s night time in Lakeview and the update is prepared — Nora puts Nathan to sleep. The update begins and Nora sneaks back into the building without the supervisor knowing.

How does Upload season 1, episode 9, “Update Eve” begin?

Nora visits Nathan and wakes him up — in the distance, you can see the update moving towards them. They both finally kiss and Nathan uses the code exposure tool to make them invisible so no-one can see them on the balcony. Nora leaves Lakeview and then on her screen for Nathan, it says, “update paused — do you want to restore the Upload’s memories?”. Nora makes Nathan aware that he might not remember anything from Lakeview if she goes ahead with this, and he will not remember her.

In an emotional moment, Nora goes through with the update despite Nathan telling her not to. The truth is more important.

Other points

  • Supervisor tells Nora if she messes again up again she’s done. Nora reiterates that her boyfriend’s name is Bryant.
  • Bryant tells Nora that they think they are made for each other and he is disappointed when she says she doesn’t feel like that.

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