Code 404 episode 5 recap – getting priorities in order

May 5, 2020
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With time running out for DI John Major, DI Carver and Dr. Parfit try to ensure that he makes a good impression —  to worrying last-minute results.

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With time running out for DI John Major, DI Carver and Dr. Parfit try to ensure that he makes a good impression —  to worrying last-minute results.

This recap of Code 404 Episode 5 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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The boys are back — on serious crimes, that is, as DI Carver (Stephen Graham) and augmented super-cop DI John Major (Daniel Mays) investigate the case of a man having had his head stoved in by his now-missing wife. But there are more pressing matters for the pair of them to contend with, namely that Major has moved back in with his wife, Kelly (Anna Maxwell Martin).

Carver is so furious about this development that he interrupts one of Kelly’s therapy sessions — with an SIU copper, no less — to confront her. While she says Major has changed, he insists he hasn’t, but in doing so he’s just exhibiting all the traits he’s accusing Major of still having. You can see his frustration, having only just decided against moving to Scotland and ceasing his partnership with Major, but she’s right about how he’s handling the news.

As if to prove Carver’s point, though, Major buys Kelly a gift — a vase just like the one in the murder. Carver reckons it’s time to go to Dennett (Rosie Cavaliero) about Ryle (Emily Lloyd-Saini) and Gilbert (Steve Oram), and after a quick test of Major’s lip-reading abilities — she asks if he’s be able to tell if she mouthed the lyrics of The Eagles’ “Hotel California”, which he can — she buys in. The next stage of the plan is for Carver and Major to invited Ryle and Gilbert out for drinks after work in the hope that getting them drunk will loosen their lips.

Meanwhile, Dr. Parfit (Amanda Payton) lets Carver know that she has the committee decision regarding Major — they’re going to switch him off. Now’s the time for them to solve some crimes, ideally in the next week.

The problem is that Major is now totally devoted to Kelly — so much so that he goes home for a baked potato, leaving Carver to handle the televised press conference about the investigation he’s supposedly leading. Kelly makes him go back to work.

Carver, left to his own devices, is able to track down the victim’s missing wife, Mrs. Barlow (Gemma Arrowsmith), who he catches withdrawing 1.5 million Colombian pesos from an ATM. He and Major interview her, but do a terrible job of it, arguing about Kelly instead. Stephen Graham is once again fantastic here, imploring Major to crack the case and show the committee he’s worth saving.

First, though, time for drinks with Ryle and Gilbert: “Two pints of lager and a can of WD-40,” quips Gilbert, just in case you thought the robot banter had ceased. Carver and Major get the two of them hammered, but they don’t reveal anything useful other than the fact that Gilbert is lonely. Major reckons his cat’s name might be his computer password, but no dice. Upon hearing that Major’s basis for how to be a better man is to ask what would Roy do, Carver tells him to go home to his wife.

This, though, doesn’t last long. When Carver goes to Dr. Parfit for help in hacking Gilbert’s computer, she says that they need to show the committee a super cop, so she’s going to patch Major once again and turn up all his attributes. Roy calls Major back to the SIU so he can undergo the latest upgrade. It’s successful — but it also reconstructs his memory. When he wakes up he announces he knows everything.

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