The Great Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 15, 2020 (Last updated: December 1, 2023)
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Hulu series The Great episode 3 - And you Sir, are no Peter the Great


The Great episode 3, “And you Sir, are no Peter the Great” shows Catherine getting more confident as her coup begins to take shape. Another funny episode in a consistent series so far.

This recap of Hulu series The Great Season 1 Episode 3, “And you Sir, are no Peter the Great” contains significant spoilers.

How does The Great episode 3, “And you Sir, are no Peter the Great” start?

The Great episode 3 continues to show Catherine’s aim to form a coup while also showing Peter’s vulnerabilities. Catherine voices her ideas for Russia and Orlo raises that they need to be more realistic. Marial once again suggests killing the Emperor — it’s almost like she is obsessed with the thought. Meanwhile, Peter asks Leo to show him his c**k and then introduces him to Catherine and suggests they become lovers. She doesn’t seem interested but she allows him to stay in her company so he is not executed. A party is then organized to honour Peter’s father who was “great”.

Peter is s*** at war.

Peter gets his generals together to discuss the war against Sweden. It seems he only wants to keep fighting the Swedes just because his father defeated them. Peter thinks of a thin, immature plan. Velementov finds many holes in Peter’s recommendations. Everyone laughs at him highlighting how out of depth he is — it’s almost like The Great episode 3 is trying to find ways for the audience to feel sorry for Peter, just a little bit.

Catherine and Leo form a plan.

While Catherine is annoyed at Peter’s suggestion to have a lover, she doesn’t seem disgusted by Leo himself. Catherine looks at Leo and is starting to considering sleeping with him. Catherine speaks to Leo and asks what her husband requested; Leo starts trying to charm Catherine and gives her a gift — a peach. She’s impressed by how amazing the peach is in a strange scene where she allows the juice to gush down her throat. Catherine asks Leo to stay the night and that she will tell Peter that he was pleasant and their arrangement will be done. Meanwhile, Peter joins Grigor and George in bed. The next morning, they tell him that they might leave for the country for a month. Peter looks nervous for the big day ahead as he has to give a speech for his father.

Catherine and Leo pretend to have a good night in front of Peter and the Empress and thank Peter for bringing Leo into her life. Peter invites Leo in the room and thanks him before punching him in the stomach for sleeping with his wife. Catherine says that Leo can leave now after a pleasant night. Peter thinks it means Leo did a bad job and starts beating the man up. A panicked Catherine claims she wants to keep him as she didn’t know the deal meant he could stay long term. Leo seems unfazed and explains to Catherine that he will not let fear take over him — how noble of him. But regardless, this scene just shows how manic Peter really is.

Orlo is panicking and Peter is struggling with his emotions.

Orlo does not understand Catherine’s recklessness and she tells him he will understand it very soon. Catherine joins Peter on the balcony and asks if he is okay. He’s nervous about the speech for his father. He states that he does not like to show tears when speaking about his father. Catherine says there is no shame in missing him and showing love.

Peter gives his speech about his father shakily and with a few tears. One of the men in the audience laughs at him so Peter challenges him to a fight before stabbing him repeatedly like a coward. At the party afterward, Catherine sarcastically praises him for his speech and stabbing the man. Peter tells Catherine that as long as she’s happy, Leo can leave. He then proceeds to play the violin. Peter is terrible at it but everyone cheers for him. The Great episode 3 has made Peter look like a sad little man.

How does The Great episode 3, “And you Sir, are no Peter the Great” end?

Catherine lies to Leo and tells him that Peter hasn’t freed him and he has to say. She then tells Leo he is free to do whatever he wants under the arrangement and they kiss. Marial helps her take her dress off and they have sex.

The episode ends with Catherine telling Orlo that Leo stays as he is her lover and that he will not find out about their coup. She takes it a step further and does a blood oath with Orlo. The Great episode 3, “And you Sir, are no Peter the Great” shows Catherine getting more confident as her coup begins to take shape. Another funny episode in a consistent series so far.

Other points
  • Velementov offers his services to be Catherine’s lover. Peter laughs in his face.
  • Catherine has started teaching one of the palace staff some words.
  • At the tea party, Catherine tells Antonio that she looks nice as she blends into the tent. She walks off, upset. Catherine did it on purpose.
  • Catherine asks Peter’s Aunt who Ivan is. She shows her a room and there’s a child inside eating cake. Ivan asks if Peter is going to see him and promises not to stab him. It’s noteworthy to add that this child is evidently creepy.
  • Catherine speaks to Velementov. He keeps trying to chat her up. Catherine talks of how her father was a military man but was frustrated by his leaders. Mistaking Catherine’s words, Velementov comes on to her, and they both collapse the floor. She kicks his balls before walking off.
  • Leo tells Catherine that he senses that she doesn’t like Peter and she misses home.
  • Peter toasts for his father Peter the Great — he struggles to think of a way to toast for himself, highlighting his insecurity with his father’s legacy.

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