The King: Eternal Monarch episode 11 recap and breakdown

May 22, 2020
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The King: Eternal Monarch season 1, episode 11 is a fast-paced chapter as we start to reach the tail-end of the series. War is on the agenda and the story does not give any chance for the viewers to breathe.

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The King: Eternal Monarch season 1, episode 11 is a fast-paced chapter as we start to reach the tail-end of the series. War is on the agenda and the story does not give any chance for the viewers to breathe.

This recap of Netflix Korean series The King: Eternal Monarch season 1, episode 11 contains spoilers.

How does The King: Eternal Monarch episode 11 open?

Episode 11 really is the start of the war — it’s brutal, especially after the death of Prince Bueyeong. Anything can happen from here. It begins with Luna speeding away on her motorbike — she is chased by the police and eventually, she is knocked over. She’s soon blindfolded and tied up. Lee Lim arrives and describes her life living in a gutter and that she will die soon — “Will you ever get an organ transplant?”. Lee Lim gives her Tae-eul’s ID and explains that it is the same woman from the other world with a healthy upbringing and lovely parents. Luna suddenly remembers Prime Minister Koo’s comments. Lee Lim asks Luna if she’d like this life. Lee Lim is finally going after someone Lee Gon truly cares about.

The funeral

The King: Eternal Monarch season 1, episode 11 has to deal with the aftermath of the Prince’s death. Lee Gon and the palace attend Bueyeong’s funeral. Lee Gon remembers what it was like growing up with the prince. After the funeral, Prime Minister Koo is shown some photos proving that Lee Lim is alive and she is flabbergasted. She can’t figure out the connection between Donald Trump visiting North Korea in the papers and Lee Lim.

The death of Prince Bueyeong has hit Lee Gon hard. While cooking he cries hard unable to keep in his emotions. It’s rare to see this character be so emotionally expressive.

A different world and time?

There were plenty of theories regarding time shifts last week and The King: Eternal Monarch season 1, episode 11 gives the audience more… Tae-eul narrates that Lee Gon was from a different time, not just a different world — this possibly supports the theory but she maybe was not literal. Tae-eul gets a call that Jang Yeon-ji committed suicide at the penitentiary — she’s shocked and tells Sae-jin. It happened at the same time as a power cut — this is Lee Lim’s plan.

The boy with the yo-yo

Luna speaks to the boy with the yo-yo; she gives him the keys to her car and tells him that he can have everything inside. She also tells him to look after Luna. She took Lee Lim’s deal.

Lee Gon is ready for war.

Lee Gon learns that Prince Bueyeong died by strangulation. The doctor gives him the ring — Lee Gon knows Lee Lim is provoking him using his uncle’s blood. As Lee Gon throws the ring, time freezes — he realizes he must leave the palace. Before he leaves he learns of news reports that are leaked by Prime Minister Koo. He asks his captain for a log of every person that visited Prince Bueyeong. Lee Gon gets more serious with each episode.

Sin-jae fights.

Sin-jae fights a man in the street who is following him. Sin-jae wants to know who has sent him. The man is suddenly picked up by a car and he notes the registration plate. Sin-jae returns to the office injured — he gives Tae-eul a phone and asks her to get it sent for dusting for prints. Sin-jae says Lee Lim sent the man and expects to get a call from the number.


As I said at the start of the recap, this really is war. Lee Gon cannot get in touch with Prime Minister Koo regarding the leaked news reports but he believes she is getting payback. Lee Gon also believes Prince Bueyeong planned for him to look at the security log. He meets the imprisoned two men who work for Lee Lim and asks if they know about Eso Bookstores which was on Prince Bueyeong’s security log — they laugh at him but he threatens to kill them. He sentences Kim Gi-hwan to be beheaded on King’s order. This has sent shockwaves up and down the country of the news of the planned execution.

Luna takes the deal

While Tae-eul is shopping with her father, Luna watches her — she’s ready to swap lives. After working out, Tae-eul suddenly collapses. Lee Gon works out some science in the time freezes and realizes if it keeps happening, it could be longer than a day every single time. Lee Gon learns that one of the men that attacked the palace the day his father was killed is alive — he heads to Eso bookstores where the traitors reside. He orders his men to kill all the traitors. The mission is a success — Lee Gon is full of revenge and is showing no mercy.

Tae-eul is in danger

Tae-eul wakes up and she’s in the Kingdom of Corea — you can see the boy with the yo-yo. Lee Gon figures out that Tae-eul will be in trouble and narrates, asking her to hang in there. The boy with the yo-yo tells Tae-eul there’s only one of him. Men suddenly arrive and attack Tae-eul. She fights her way out and finds a car to drive off. As she drives, she realizes she’s in the Kingdom of Corea. Lee Lim learns that Lee Gon has killed a group of his men and that Tae-eul has escaped — he demands that his men find her.

It gets worse.

The ending of The King: Eternal Monarch season 1, episode 11 is frantic and distressing for Tae-eul. It doesn’t feel like it will end for her. Tae-eul’s car breaks down and then she sees a car head her way so she shoots one of its tires to cause it to crash. She’s alone in the city with no-one to go to. She tries ringing a number to get in touch with Lee Gon — in the voicemail, she explains she’s in Corea and that she’ll head to the palace as soon as possible; her voice is shaking and she’s distraught. Suddenly a truck tries running her over and she gets out of the way but she’s hurt. A man attacks her but she manages to stop him.

How does The King: Eternal Monarch episode 11 end?

It’s hard to take a moment of breath at the end of this action-filled chapter. Eventually, there are too many men surrounding Tae-eul and she raises her gun hopelessly — suddenly police helicopters arrive and Lee Gon arrives on his horse. She cries at the sight of him. Lee Gon and his Royal Guard fight Lee Lim’s men and he tells his men to protect her as she’s the “future Queen of the Kingdom of Corea”. He uses his Four Tiger sword to kill multiple men. Tae-eul walks towards Lee Gon in a lot of distress and he hugs her.

The King: Eternal Monarch season 1, episode 11 is a fast-paced chapter as we start to reach the tail-end of the series. War is on the agenda and the story does not give any chance for the viewers to breathe.

Additional points
  • The news reports Prince Bueyeong’s death.
  • Prime Minister Koo is warned for smiling at Prince Bueyeong’s funeral. She enjoys seeing Lee Gon in despair.
  • Lady Noh is struggling to grieve over Prince Bueyeong’s death. Lee Gon is concerned but he’s told that her health is fine.
  • Prince Bueyeong’s son asks Lee Gon if he can move into the house and wants to know the order of succession. Lee Gon says Se-jin is next in line and he is not allowed in the Kingdom of Corra. There is bad history here.
  • In her world, Tae-eul sees Prime Minister Koo’s alternate self — she’s called Koo Eun-a. Tae-eul follows her.
  • Lee Gon ponders marriage with Tae-eul.but she states “not today” — she wants to live day by day: “We’ll live for the day”.

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