The King: Eternal Monarch episode 2 recap and breakdown



The King: Eternal Monarch season 1, episode 2 sees the story starting to bed in as Lee Gon gets accustomed to the parallel world.

This recap of Netflix Korean series The King: Eternal Monarch season 1, episode 2 contains spoilers.

What happens at the start of The King: Eternal Monarch episode 2?

Following on from the last episode Jeong Tae-eul pushes Lee Gon off her after his random hug. Lee Gon figures he is in a parallel Universe and asks Tae-eul to escort him to Queen Yuna. When she gives him attitude back, he is concerned by her personality. It was going to happen sooner or later — Tae-eul arrests Lee Gon.

Tae-eul tries interrogating him to find out who he is. She takes fingerprint identification. Back in the Kingdom of Corea they are worried that Lee Gon has gone missing and Jo Yeong is investigating.

Basically, one world wants to know where he is and the other world wants to know who he is.

And can they identify Lee Gon?

Well, no. Lee Gon sees an alternate Jo Yeong and is instantly spooked (his actual name is Jo Eun-sup). Tae-eul then learns that they cannot trace Lee Gon’s identity. Lee Gon suspects that Tae-eul cannot find him in a database so tries to explain to her how parallel universes work. While he goes deep-diving into science, she takes a swab test in his mouth. Afterward, Lee Gon is freed, but Tae-eul wonders how he is going to afford expensive hotels with what she calls “monopoly money”

Diamonds from his jacket seems to be the way forward.

Lee Gon shows Tae-eul a diamond by ripping one off his jacket and showing it to a pawn shop. When Tae-eul tries to leave Lee Gon to his own devices, he tries to stop her, but she doesn’t have time for it, and she heads off. Lee Gon invites Jo Eun-sup to his expensive hotel room and leaves Tae-eul his incredibly expensive horse outside her house.

Now a frustrated figure, Tae-eul tries to find Lee Gon in one of the hotels. The hotel will not give away customer information so she gives the receptionists a note to pass on. Lee Gon heads down and she asks him when he will be returning to the world he came from. Lee Gon explains he likes this world with her and he may not leave.

This man is quite obsessed, to be honest.

So is this becoming romantic rather quickly?

Well, kind of. Tae-eul takes Lee Gon out for food. Lee Gon is surprised by how tasty the chicken is and then explains why he believes both worlds have developed differently due to industrialisation and war. Tae-eul still does not believe him but then he counters that, asking why she is willing to help.

How does The King: Eternal Monarch episode 2 end?

Lee Gon asks Tae-eul why she would leave him in this world — he’s upset. She reiterates that she doesn’t know him and begins mocking his delusions. Tae-eul wonders why Lee Gon doesn’t have a family that misses him. Lee Gon states he is still single and doesn’t have an immediate family — he stands right up to Tae-eul and asks her for marriage as a reason to stay in this world.

This man has taken it from 0 to 100 real quick.

The plot so far is exciting, but it could go either way in terms of whether or not it’s worth the audience staying around.

Other points

  • Tae-eul continues to look into the murder of Lee Sang-do. She interrogates Kim Bok-man and soon finds out that Lee Sang-do was following Kim Bok-man a few weeks ago.
  • Lee Lim is painting some house. A flashback shows him telling Ms Song to tell the authorities that her husband and son are suspicious deaths near a reservoir. In the present day, Ms Song lays down flowers — Lee Lim torments her mind.
  • Jo Yeong checks out a person’s camera from the rowing competition to see if he can find any photos. He wants the photos by email to help with his investigation.
  • There’s now a love rivalry between Tae-eul’s colleague and Lee Gon.

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