Somebody Feed Phil Season 3 Review – we could watch Phil eat forever

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 28, 2020 (Last updated: November 23, 2023)
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Netflix series Somebody Feed Phil season 3


Somebody Feed Phil season 3 will make you hungry and happy at the same time.

Netflix series Somebody Feed Phil season 3 will be released on the platform on May 29, 2020 – add it to your list now.

As I said in the first season, the reason for the success of Netflix’s Somebody Feed Phil is his unrivaled enthusiasm for tourism and food. Philip Rosenthal is like the father that irritated you on family holidays — it wasn’t just about the sun and the pool, it was about exploring with a big smile on your face. Season 3 brings back the engageable man and brings us back for dessert after impressing us with the first and second courses.

Phil’s personality shines through again, barely shifting his attitude from the first season to sell food and cultures in different parts of the world. In the opening episode, Phil visits Marrakesh, where he savors lamb, learns about different spices, and also enjoys a shared plate of couscous over a family dinner. Phil is overwhelmed by the place, highlighting that in America, Marrakesh is sold as this grandiose place.

Despite Phil evidently not being an expert, his line of questioning and respect for a diversity of cultures is what makes his stand out from other culture shows. He manages to make you jealous that he’s fulfilling his love for food while at the same time hanging on to his every word as he seamlessly fits into every social crowd.

Phil also visits Chicago, London, Seoul, and Montreal demonstrating the range of the series again. Somebody Feed Phil season 3 will make you hungry and smile at the same time. With the world in crisis, the question will be if there ever will be a season 4. I would be surprised if there wasn’t once all the chaos has calmed down. The third season is approved again.

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