Somebody Feed Phil season 6 review – does the sixth season remain as strong?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 19, 2022 (Last updated: December 22, 2023)
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A decent run of the already successful Netflix show. From natural humor, memorable scenes, and a host (Phil) who the audience is able to see themselves being friends with, the show will hit a certain spot for many at home.

Netflix series Somebody Feed Phil season 6 was released on October 18th, 2022. This is the official review.

The docuseries has returned for its sixth season. And it fittingly has six episodes, with each episode taking place in a fresh location. In chronological order, those episodes are, “Philadelphia”, “Croatia”, “Austin”, “Santiago”, “Nashville”, and finally “, “Tribute to Helen and Max”. The final episode of the season is a homage to his parents, who Phil Rosenthal claims helped him create Everyone Loves Raymond.

Straight away, and especially for those who have watched the show before, the episodes sum up what each episode will be about. It’s a great example of doing what it says on the tin. With each episode, there’s a brief history of each area he visits. For example, in Episode 2, “Croatia”, Phil takes us to the steps where the walk of shame was filmed in Game of Thrones. Even with brief scenes like this, it seems like the show could gain extra viewers just from YouTube and social media platforms. But will the hardcore audience be happy? Yes, they will be. The mixture of travel, comedy, and food is going to be an absolute delight for his fans.

So, is the humour going to be for everyone? Absolutely not. It wouldn’t be a surprise if some could not make it through one episode. However, as the show is in its sixth season, it’s certainly doing something right. And for fans of Phil, they’re going to love this season. However, just be warned that the finale, “Tribute to Helen and Max”, could cause a few tears.

And it’s not just the finale that will cause a few tears. From travelling to his wife’s hometown in the first episode and then meeting up with several of his friends, it is a scene that fans of his will enjoy. Thanks to the charisma of Phil, the show has a very easy and natural flow throughout. As already stated, it’s not going to be enjoyable for everyone. Mainly because everyone has different tastes, and frankly, Phil Rosenthal may not be for everyone.

However, despite how some audience members may not be happy, most certainly will be. The humour from him is effortless. And for those watching who share the same kind of humour, it’ll make it easy for them to watch the sixth season of the travel show. From learning about the history of food, taking in the scenes of some remarkable locations, and learning about Phil’s family and friends, there’s something that even just the smallest of Phil Rosenthal fans can enjoy with this show. Finally, to answer everyone’s main question: Does the sixth season remain as strong as previous seasons? Yes, yes, it does. In fact, there’s more emotion to this season, which makes it even better than the five seasons before.

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