Baki season 3, episode 12 recap – the end of the line in “Completion”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 4, 2020 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Baki season 3, episode 12 recap - the end of the line in "Completion"


Mohammad Alai Jr and Baki square off in “Completion”, but it’s a different conflict that comes to define this penultimate episode.

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“Completion” opens with Mohammad Alai Jr on his way to the fight with Baki, and the reality of the predicament isn’t far from his mind. It’s the ultimate competition — no rules, no ref. He has an hour to prepare, during which he questions what he’s doing and whether he has a chance of winning. A sold-out crowd is in attendance as Alai Jr psychs himself up for the fight.

Who should arrive, though, but Yujiro. He’s here to give Baki the big introduction, but the son is having little of it. He tells his dad to budge since he’s standing in his spot. It’s time for a fight to the death.

With the opening strike of the fight, Baki drops Alai Jr. But the boxer gets back to his feet. He gives himself a stern talking to, insisting he’s going to succeed, but Baki kicks him in the nuts. He applies a tight choke, about to finish Alai Jr off, but Alai Sr intervenes. Senior knows he has committed a serious offense, but he had no choice. Baki can respect it. And the intervention inspires him to end his own story by challenging his father.

Yujiro seems pretty thrilled about all this. The Ogre declares Baki a worthy opponent: “You’re finally ready to be my prey.” It looks like we have our finale setup.

After the fight with Alai Jr., things are a bit tense between Baki and Kozue. Baki considers his rivalry with Yujiro to be just like any father-son quarrel, which is hilarious all things considered. Alai Jr., meanwhile, is devastated, uncontrollably sobbing as his father leaves him to it. Kozue goes to him and gets all covered in his tears and snot. She cries at the state he’s in — and one assumes at the state of her face — and holds him.

The fight between Baki and Yujiro becomes the talk of the town. Jack Hammer is particularly annoyed to hear about it. Baki talks with Doppo, who questions why they have never had a match. Baki tells him he has no desire to be the strongest on Earth; we get an echo of what he said in a previous episode, that if his father was the weakest creature on Earth, he’d be happy being the second weakest.

As Baki season 3, episode 12 ends, we see both Baki and Yujiro preparing to face one another, many miles and a time zone apart. But we don’t see them fight. And we won’t this season since we get a message that this was the end. But there’s one more episode to go?

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