Love, Victor season 1, episode 2 recap – “Stoplight Party” There's something about Victor.



Episode 2 is all about fitting in and not betraying yourself as Victor struggles to juggle popularity and who he really is.

This recap of Hulu series Love, Victor season 1, episode 2, “Stoplight Party” contains no spoilers.

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How does Love, Victor season 1, episode 2, “Stoplight Party” open?

Episode 2 opens up with Victor having a dream about being on the Ferris wheel with Benji. As they are about to kiss, people on the ground start booing and he wakes up. When he arrives at school, it’s big news that Victor went on the wheel with Mia. Meanwhile, Lake tells Mia to host a party as she has a free house. Mia accepts that there’s something about Victor.

Newfound popularity

As Victor goes to school, all the students are looking at him and he’s become popular. He messages Simon stating that he may have overshot by going on the Ferris wheel. Lake and Mia invite Victor to their party — it’s a spotlight party meaning you have to wear colors representing your relationship status — Felix tells Victor to wear yellow to signify he likes Mia. Green means single, yellow means you are interested in someone and red means you are taken. Love, Victor season 1, episode 2, “Stoplight Party” puts Victor in a tough spot with his newfound reputation.

Coffee shop

Victor applies for a job at the coffee shop and luckily for him, Benji is the assistant manager — Benji shows him how to make coffee but Victor is too distracted by his looks and physique. Victor gets flustered and apologizes for wasting his time and walks off.

Changing colors 

Victor and Felix attend the stoplight party. The sports team tells Victor that wearing the yellow shirt is desperate and Andrew gives him a green jacket — they also tell him not to be friends with Victor. When Mia sees Victor with a green jacket, she is a little disappointed and takes off her yellow top. Love, Victor season 1, episode 2, “Stoplight Party” sees our lead character too bothered about fitting in.

Do not betray yourself

Simon messages Victor telling him there is nothing wrong with trying to fit in but not to betray himself. When he walks outside in the garden, Victor sees the basketball team drawing on a drunk, unconscious Felix and tells them to leave him alone. He takes Felix to the bathroom to try and wash off the pen and leaves him on the floor to sleep. Mia approaches Victor and explains how her mother is not in the picture and her father travels a lot for work. Victor sympathizes saying it must feel lonely.

How does Love, Victor season 1, episode 2, “Stoplight Party” end?

Mia expresses sometimes it is easier to act like you are okay and put on a smile. Victor states he has no idea who he is. Felix asks for a blanket so Victor gives him his green coat, revealing his yellow shirt to Mia. Victor returns home and his father suspects that he’s drunk and asks about Mia. Victor asks his father how he knew his mother was the one for him. Afterward, Victor messages Simon and claims he likes Mia and wonders if he ever connected with a girl. As he messages Simon, Benji rings Victor stating the position as a barista is his. Episode 2 is all about fitting in and not betraying yourself as Victor struggles to juggle popularity and who he really is.

Additional points
  • Victor’s father tells him he needs to get a job to save up $500 for the basketball fees.
  • Pilar is worried her boyfriend has moved on back in Texas. She starts sending provocative photos and her mother catches her. Her mother tells Pilar to be herself. Later, her boyfriend breaks up with her.
  • Lake has a crush on Andrew and tries to make him jealous by wearing red. She keeps on bothering him at the party.
  • Felix has a crush on Lake.
  • Victor’s parents are having problems at home.

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