The Order season 2, episode 7 recap – “Spring Outbreak, Part 1”

June 18, 2020
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New (or perhaps old) allegiances are formed in “Spring Outbreak, Part 1”, but a significant threat still looms large over the Order.

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New (or perhaps old) allegiances are formed in “Spring Outbreak, Part 1”, but a significant threat still looms large over the Order.

This recap of The Order season 2, episode 7, “Spring Outbreak, Part 1”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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“Spring Outbreak, Part 1” finds Jack, Randall, Hamish, and Nicole trying to open a path to the demon realm in order to rescue Lilith, but the grimoires they’ve been nicking from the reliquary are insufficient. The one they do need was, wouldn’t you know it, taken from the vault in the heist, which is a neat way of tying these two plots together. Lilith can’t be rescued until the stuff is recovered.

Jack goes to see Alyssa, who is still struggling with her recovery from Promethean mind-controlling plant juice. Vera has sidelined her completely, and she’s feeling very sorry for herself, but Jack insists that if she needs anything he’s there for her. It’s a nice moment between the two characters. He isn’t even put off by the mess, which would have been a bit of a dealbreaker for me.

At the temple, Vera presents the remaining Knights with a pretty draconian contract that they have to sign which will effectively fold the Knights of Saint Christopher back into the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose — Vera rather smugly reveals that the original purpose of the Knights was to serve the Order, so they don’t get a swanky fair agreement that a separate organization like the Sons of Prometheus do. Jack, Randall, and Hamish debate this among themselves. Jack wants to give Vera the benefit of the doubt. Randall doesn’t. And Hamish is smitten. It’s a split vote so they put the deciding call up as the reward for a game of beer pong, which Jack wins. He proposes that the Knights help to turn the Order into an organization than benefits everyone — as Randall puts it, that they become magic internal affairs cops. They all sign.

The Order season 2, episode 7 then catches up with Orbin, who Alyssa goes to visit for more information on the Egregore. She presses him about whatever was blocking her total connection to the Egregore; she thinks it might also be blocking her magic. He reckons it’s the connection she has to Jack, but Alyssa believes that magic is all she has, and anything that prevents her from doing magic needs to go. Orbin sends her to collect one of Jack’s hairs so he can sever all emotional feelings she has for him with a spell.

As Alyssa contemplates this decision she follows a trail of crushed cans to a bumping house party where, outside, she encounters Foley’s mysterious assistant Salvador. She also encounters a very drunk Jack, who reveals that Vera offered the Knights amnesty and they took it. They’re all going to be on the same side now. She speaks with Randall and Hamish about it and the latter suggests it might be the only way that the Order will help them look for Lilith. Nicole is also still focused on that task, but Randall is too drunk for her to get any sense out of him.

“Spring Outbreak, Part 1” then treats us to a musical number as Alyssa and Gabby sing karaoke at the party while Salvador and Foley launch a two-pronged attack against Hamish and Vera. Foley sets Vera alight, and as her charred body hits the ground she has enough strength to croak out a spell that sends him flying. As Foley’s about to finish Vera off, he sees some people nearby and is forced to flee. The singing seems to remind Alyssa of how she feels about Jack, and she drops the mic to give him a smooch. They end up in bed together. The next morning, though, she takes one of his hairs.

Word gets out that there has been an attack, but when Jack goes to see Kepler he finds Vera — though there’s something off about her. Meanwhile, Hamish remains missing, and Alyssa sups Orbin’s potion but still ends up with feelings for Jack, which means he can’t be the cause. She cycles through other potential causes and has a sudden realization when she mentions Edward.

Salvador has taken Hamish hostage, and The Order season 2, episode 7 reveals that she holds the power over Foley, not the other way around. She presents herself to Jack and Randall while they’re looking for him and offers her help; she says she can lead them to Foley and they can rescue their friend, but it’s such an obvious trap that they insist she stays behind. She has to play along and give them directions.

A concerned Alyssa, meanwhile, goes to see not-Vera and suggests that since she was Edward’s witness, she might still be tied to the Vade Maecum Infernal, which might have survived. Not-Vera plays unconcerned, which tips Alyssa off that something’s up.

Jack and Randall are able to free Hamish and take Foley captive. They have a back-and-forth, and eventually, Foley says that if they let him go he’ll tell them where their stuff is. Jack decides to take him to Vera instead since they’re obviously terrible at this whole interrogation thing. (Gabby, meanwhile, has taken to defending the Knights whenever anyone in the Order slags them off.)

After dropping Foley off, Jack goes to see Alyssa, who shares her theory that Vera didn’t actually destroy the Vade Maecum, but instead swapped the Nephilim’s Tears with something else so that it could be preserved. Jack doesn’t show the appropriate amount of bitterness about this so they have a falling out, and Alyssa declares they’re not on the same side.

There’s a big reveal regarding Salvador in “Spring Outbreak, Part 1” — she’s a werewolf! Randall discovers this when he returns to where they left her and finds her gone, with some tell-tale gouges marking her escape. In the final scene, Vera interrogates Foley, but it seems he’s able to cast a spell. The camera quickly leaves the room, and as it does so we see blood seep beneath the door.

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