The Order season 2, episode 4 recap – “Fear Itself, Part 2”

June 18, 2020
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Asking favours from demons proves a really bad idea in “Fear Itself, Part 2”, as the Knights and the Order form a necessary alliance against a dangerous threat.

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Asking favours from demons proves a really bad idea in “Fear Itself, Part 2”, as the Knights and the Order form a necessary alliance against a dangerous threat.

This recap of The Order season 2, episode 4, “Fear Itself, Part 2”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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It’s panic all around in “Fear Itself, Part 2”. As the Knights try and figure out who re-stole the contents of the Order’s vault and deduce it was probably the demon they paid in underpants to take it in the first place, the Order frantically searches around for a containment spell. Alyssa finds one with “kinda messy” sacrifice requirements, and Vera suggests that she leads the incantation — probably not a good idea given her current form, so the responsibility goes to Gabby instead.

The Knights summon Zecchia again, with an additional trap this time to keep her bound to the house. Thanks to a loophole, their contract was null and void. The party who acquired the items afterward made sure she couldn’t re-steal them. They need to think of a different way of asking her to help them, though obviously in a way that won’t allow her to double-cross them again. Right on time, Alyssa arrives and discovers what they’re up to.

Luckily Zecchia is on-hand to provide some exposition duties about Rogwan, an emperor demon who can manipulate people rather than just things. He doesn’t sound like a nice chap. Vera and Kepler, meanwhile, strategize ways to throw Rogwan off-balance by trapping him within the temple. Luckily — or perhaps not — there’s a little spell called an Excidium that could do away with Rogwan, but this seems to be the magical equivalent of the nuclear option. Vera can’t decide whether to use it or not; that decision has to fall to the Gnostic Council. Kepler keeps the spell on her phone, though, presumably for not-so-safekeeping. The plan is to try the binding first, and then use the Excidium as a last resort.

The Knights ask Zecchia to retrace her steps through time until they’re satisfied. She takes Jack and Lilith to a barn full of artifacts fifty miles outside of Belgrave, where she was before she was resummoned. They need to find the sickles. The Order, meanwhile, beginning the summoning, hoping to bamboozle Rogwan by catching him early. This backfires rather drastically. Rogwan arrives and immediately figures out what they’re up to. He knocks Vera out and then eats Alyssa’s sense of fear. When Gabby asks what it feels like, Alyssa socks her in the mouth: “You tell me.” That’s The Order season 2, episode 4 providing a long-awaited fan-service moment.

With Alyssa’s personality completely changed and Rogwan on the loose, Vera lets on to Randall and Hamish that she knows they have their memories back. But the world hangs in the balance in “Fear Itself, Part 2”, so she comes up with a new cover story: They’re to pretend she has imbued them with werewolf powers so they can use the full extent of their abilities to bring Rogwan back.

This plan immediately goes awry, though, as Hamish is little match for Rogwan, who removes his fear, excited to see the carnage he causes without it to hinder him. He also gives Randall the same treatment. By the time Jack and Lilith run into them, they’re basically useless, as is Alyssa, who can’t stop calling her relatives to berate them and telling Jack how much she wants to kiss him. They take her to the temple anyway.

The Excidium spell basically turns the temple into a bomb — a magic Chernobyl, so to speak, but it might not work even then. Jack and Lilith decide to bait Rogwan by going into the fear corridor as werewolves, which should entice the demon, who’s a picky eater. Before they enter, Alyssa, overwhelmed by regret rather than fear, tearfully apologizes to Lilith for not being there for her when she needed her most, and she shares a romantic moment with Jack. If they make it out of all this she wants to take him to the mall because she hates his jean jacket and his hair sucks. Can’t argue with that.

Jack and Lilith both see the Knights’ collective greatest fear: An earth ruined by CGI. But they’re returned to human form when they find themselves within Rogwan’s fear; he claims not to have any, but apparently not. That makes him vulnerable to the sickles. They attack him and are able to wound him, but he takes Jack’s fear, and Lilith, to save him, leaps through a portal with Rogwan. Jack tries to pull her back through, but he can’t.

But with Rogwan having passed through the portal, fear returns to Randall and Hamish, and to Alyssa, who tips off Vera just in time to stop her destroying the temple. Jack returns, but alone. Rogwan took Lilith to hell or some version of it, but she was alive when she went — in that case, Hamish and Randall won’t toast her, not until they know for sure that she can’t be saved. Vera warns Jack against trying to enter the demon realm, but they’re interrupted by a painting on the wall delivering a request for parlay. Vera says she knows who’s behind all this, and they’re asking to pay a visit, which is where “Fear Itself, Part 2” teasingly ends.

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