The Order season 2, episode 10 recap – “New World Order, Part 2”

June 19, 2020
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“New World Order, Part 2” ends on a tragic note with some things left unresolved, and you have to imagine a third season is on the agenda.

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“New World Order, Part 2” ends on a tragic note with some things left unresolved, and you have to imagine a third season is on the agenda.

This recap of The Order season 2, episode 10, “New World Order, Part 2”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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Here we are, folks, the second season finale, and we rejoin Jack and Vera in the aftermath of Salvador’s killing and Alyssa’s escape. They have a bit of a disagreement about quite how dangerous Alyssa is; he’s temporarily benched since he’s obviously too close to the situation.

Randall and Nicole, meanwhile, find Gabby on the floor of the Den, having been jumped by a hide. However, she didn’t transform. The Order season 2, episode 10, “New World Order, Part 2”, is already juggling a number of plates here, and with only an episode to balance them all, I think I smell a typical Netflix half-ending coming along.

As if to prove the point, we venture into Gabby’s dreamscape, where she encounters Kyle, of all people. He refers to her as “new Midnight”, and welcomes her to the collective unconscious. He says she has a very important job to complete: Taking down Silverback, aka killing Jack Morton.

Alyssa holds a vigil for Salvador and gives a moving speech about her selfless values. She’s now resolutely behind Praxis’s methodology in her honor, and she doesn’t seem to care much about the consequences. In fact, she plans to keep generating the eruptions by performing magic without sacrifice until the Order gives them what they want. Anyone who disagrees is free to leave, but nobody does. “On the count of three, we unleash Hell.” And so Hell burns.

In the collective unconscious, Gabby is lectured by Kyle, her father, and various other figures from her life who give her constant abuse and challenge her self-identity and esteem. The implication is pretty clear: Gabby is being essentially bullied into submission, her worst anxieties triggered to manipulate her. By the time she arrives back in the Den, she’s fundamentally changed. She’s speaking in grandiose old-timey language and keeps calling Nicole a wench. Now she’s a werewolf, though, she’s a viable fourth practitioner in the spell to tether Lilith, which she’s keen to do for the sake of the Knights. However, it doesn’t work. Shortly after, an eruption goes off in the Den, which leaves a swirling Hell portal in Lilith’s hide locker. But it isn’t a tether, and because nobody can tell where it goes, the gang doesn’t want to pass through it. They close the locker, which crumples in on itself.

Hamish has another idea for who might be powerful enough to contribute to the spell: Vera. Naturally, she isn’t in a great mood. It doesn’t get any better when Hamish raises the fact that she was the one who killed Bennett (which we guessed in the previous recap). And it certainly doesn’t get any better when Alyssa teleports in, renders Hamish immobile and reflects Vera’s own spell back at her, freezing her in place. It’s a demeaning sequence for Vera.

Back at the Den, demons are now emerging from Lilith’s hide locker. Nicole figures she translated the incantation wrong, and instead of an owl, they were supposed to sacrifice a witch. Meanwhile, Gabby suggests that Jack kills himself as a noble sacrifice. They snarl and bare fangs at each other, but as Gabby rushes him she collapses.

Alyssa, it turns out, took Vera’s magic and is holding it hostage until she gives her the no-sacrifice incantation. Hamish suggests she hand it over, but she thinks it’s too dangerous, and while it might stop the eruptions it’d only pave for the way for a different kind of chaos.

Jack comes up with a plan: Since Vera has the knowledge and Alyssa has the power, they have to be convinced to work together in order to stave off the impending apocalypse. Even Gabby — or more accurately Midnight — is in favor of this plan. Hamish presents the idea to Vera. She’s not exactly in favor of it but realizes she doesn’t have much choice. Jack goes to see Alyssa, and mentions Alpha’s hide locker. Apparently it’s waiting for an appropriate champion. Her?

Here we go, then. The Order season 2, episode 10, “New World Order, Part 2”, puts Alyssa and Vera face to face again, this time exchanging two of the most powerful incantations ever created. Vera begs her not to complete or use them, but it falls on deaf ears. Elsewhere, Kepler is kidnapped, and Randall wipes Nicole’s memory so that she doesn’t believe the sacrifice of a witch is necessary. The spell produces a lot of blood for “two owls” — are these two events connected? Either way, Randall descends into the portal as Alyssa goes through with her incantation. It creates a giant eruption.

Next news, Randall and Lilith are back, and the portal is closed. But Lilith now has the facial brands of a demon and claims they took her from her home and need to send her back, which isn’t exactly the outcome they were expecting. Alyssa doesn’t get her desired outcome either, and just as she’s about to take revenge on Vera — even though she considers it justice — Jack arrives just in time for a romantic lecture. He talks Alyssa out of it, but she won’t return Vera’s magic. Jack tells her to flee since Gabby, possessed by Midnight, is out for blood — hence why Midnight agreed to Jack’s plan in the first place. As Alyssa leaves, Midnight ambushes her and tears her throat out. She dies in Jack’s arms before she has chance to return Vera’s magic.

We see Randall burying Kepler, having evidently used her as the sacrifice to save Lilith. Gabby finds him, her mouth covered in blood, and sobs in his arms. Vera sits behind her desk and Hamish closes her doors with his magic. And Jack carries Alyssa’s corpse into the woods.

It’s an ending, certainly, and one with surprising moral complexity given how many of our core characters have compromised ostensibly heroic values: Gabby killed Alyssa, who refused to forgive Vera, and Randall killed Kepler to save Lilith, who believes the demon realm is her home now. That’s a lot left unresolved in typical Netflix fashion, but The Order season 2, episode 10, “New World Order, Part 2”, felt like it tied up the events of this season neatly enough to constitute a finale of a kind. Needless to say, though, we’ll be tuning in for Season 3.

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