Most Beautiful Thing is called Girls From Ipanema now — and it’s still good

June 19, 2020
Jonathon Wilson 1
Features, Netflix

This article contains no spoilers for Most Beautiful Thing Season 2, other than the fact it’s called Girls From Ipanema Season 2 now. And the fact it’s still good.

Anyone who watched and enjoyed the first season of Most Beautiful Thing, Netflix’s really good musical drama series out of Brazil, will presumably be pleased to learn that the second season is out today, June 19. However, for reasons that are unclear to me, the show is now known as Girls From Ipanema. 

The first season, which proved a hit, was a solid female empowerment story about the gorgeous Maria ‘Malu’ Luiza (Maria Casadevall) setting up a bossa nova bar and club in Rio de Janeiro after being ditched by her husband. The second season, which runs for another six episodes, continues that story — and despite the title change, it’s much the same as it was before, which is no bad thing.

This isn’t a review, though, rather a public service announcement for the benefit of those, like me, who are interested in the show but don’t want to get all confused by the title change. I’m old now and such things worry me — who knows what will be changed next? If you, too, suspect that you might be living in some kind of Truman Show-esque life-by-design, then might I suggest losing yourself in this solid, romantic, musical, and empowering drama.

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1 thought on “Most Beautiful Thing is called Girls From Ipanema now — and it’s still good

  • June 23, 2020 at 11:55 pm

    So, anyone who knows the original Portuguese lyrics to “Garota de Ipanema” knows that it opens with a line that includes “coisa mais linda.” I am assuming the title changed to attract a more international audience that would be more familiar with a twist on the English lyric “Girl(s) from Ipanema.”

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