Deadwind season 2, episode 3 recap – “Lady Justice”

July 2, 2020
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“Lady Justice” flags a little in terms of pacing, but begins to put every character in some serious predicaments.

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“Lady Justice” flags a little in terms of pacing, but begins to put every character in some serious predicaments.

This recap of Deadwind season 2, episode 3, “Lady Justice”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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Deadwind season 2, episode 3 begins in much the same fashion as the previous installment — at a crime scene. That’s a freezing, a hanging, a throat-slashing, and two shootings, and Nurmi explains that the Meelika was also transporting Subutex dealers. How all these crimes tie together remains nebulous, as does Koskimäki’s involvement, since he didn’t investigate drug-related crimes.

Nurmi runs into Henna and calls Karppi to tell her that he thinks she’s on something harder than weed. Karppi’s on her way to Emil’s school, where the teacher informs her that Emil is bullying one of the other children. And since the bullying happened outside of school they can’t do anything about it, so it’s up to Karppi to handle it, even though Emil told her that Matti bullies him, not the other way around. The teacher is obviously worried about legal reprisal from Matti’s father and calls Emil a “borderline psychopath”, which Karppi, needless to say, doesn’t take well.

Henri and Mikaela discover that all Sara’s pre-inauguration emails have been deleted, which looks incredibly suspicious but is also really obvious. They both think she’s being set up. Meanwhile in “Lady Justice”, Karppi confronts Emil about what the teacher told her, but he continues being difficult. She also runs into Henna in the building and challenges her about being on something, even going so far as to frisk her, at which point a switchblade drops out of her coat.

The homicide detectives deliberate over what the connection between the killings might be. Nurmi is confident it’s related to drugs, but Karppi suspects revenge for Jimi as a motive. They get a notice that the fabric used for the blindfolds has been traced to a nursing home; whoever took it came to see Antero, an elderly man with a neurological disorder rendering him incapable of properly speaking. One of the drawings on his wall is of a summer cottage, but nobody knows where it might be located or whether Antero might have given one of the drawings to the visitor.

Things are getting much more complicated for Sara and her camp in Deadwind season 2, episode 3. Henri confronts Mikaela about having sex with Paasijoki, a married man, which she furiously admits, but she insists who she has sex with has nothing to do with her work. But when she joins him in his car, she explains she had to say they were having an affair to cover up what they’re really up to. He tells her she has to help Henri take over Sara’s position; if she doesn’t, he’ll release a video of her participating in Nazi violence.

Jere gives Henna a key to his apartment. She explains that she can’t sell the Subutex because her mother is a cop; he asks her to show him where it is, so she takes him to her stash in the old train. As they kiss, a distant figure watches them.

Nurmi calls Karppi to let her know that the van has been spotted 30km outside of Helsinki, near a cottage owned by the municipality, who expropriated it from Antero. A police SWAT team raid it and drag the occupant outside. His name is Marko. He broke into the cottage but he has an alibi for everything else and knows nothing about the van. Inside the cottage, Karppi and Nurmi find more of the material, gasoline, and enough explosives to blow up half the city. They also find a map of the Helsinki tunnel network with an X over City Hall, and photos of the victims with their eyes blacked out — all except for Sara, who would seem to be the next target.

Karppi calls Sara and tells her to leave City Hall immediately. She nervously attempts to but ends up holed up in the third-floor bathroom — she texts Karppi where she is, but she’s still a while away, and the gunman is right outside. The SWAT team, getting a real workout in this season, are able to retrieve Sara, but the assassin is nowhere to be seen, having disappeared into the tunnels. Nurmi and Karppi asks Sara about the call she received from “IT” about the emails; it was from a number that can no longer be reached, but Sara says the caller was a woman. When Sara gets home, her daughter, Lida, the blind skater from the first episode and earlier in this one, is missing.

The next morning, Henna is woken by an enforcer who’s looking for the drugs. He gives her two hours to collect them so she can return them to their Estonian source, or she can pay 30K for them. Obviously, neither option is available to her.

When Karppi gets to the police HQ, the killer has sent a telegram. He wants to exchange Lida for Sara. The accompanying image to prove his point is the girl, blindfolded, holding a newspaper, the headline of which reads, “Support for Pro-Change Movement Plummets”. You can say that again.

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