Deadwind season 2, episode 6 recap – “Missing”

July 2, 2020
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“Missing” brings the show’s two most important women face to face, as Henna faces the consequences of her actions.

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“Missing” brings the show’s two most important women face to face, as Henna faces the consequences of her actions.

This recap of Deadwind season 2, episode 6, “Missing”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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“Missing” begins with Henna returning to Jere’s place and finding him still, well, missing. She has a minor breakdown, which is understandable, really. Her last couple of days have not been much fun.

The same could be said for Karppi, who’s asleep in the office. She and Nurmi explain to Kilju that there is a second perp, one who is killing young drug dealers and that Jimi was one of them — Routa’s revenge mission is misguided. Kulju still insists that all resources should be devoted to Routa. To make matters worse, Emil is still playing up. Is this kid the most annoying TV kid of the year? He might well be.

Things aren’t going great for Nurmi in Deadwind season 2, episode 6, either, as it turns out he might well be a father — his day only gets worse when Henna, very drunk, calls him for help, but he’s not in a great mood and tells her to call back when she’s sober. She snorts a fat line of crushed pills, almost to prove his point, and collapses face-down on the floor.

Meanwhile, Sara reveals at a press conference that she knows who sent an email in her name, getting her mixed up in the corruption scandal. The police arrive to arrest Henri, who is not thrilled with the idea. After, Sara speaks with Mikaela privately. She explains that Henri had made a deal with Kaartamo Nordic; they got the tunnel project and he got casino stocks. She thinks he got greedy and wanted her position as well, hence coming up with the scandal rather than staying quiet. The next step is to purge all his confidantes from the Pro-Change Movement.

Henna is hospitalized after mixing Subutex and alcohol. She’s going to be okay but Karppi is naturally upset. Henna is still being tight-lipped about what happened, even after Karppi invites her back home. She does show Karppi a picture of Jere, though, and asks her to find him.

After Henri’s arrest, Mikaela still has to come up with a way to ruin Sara, or Paasijoki will ruin her career with a video of her as a skinhead assaulting a black man. But she’s switched on enough to record his blackmail and send it to him.

Nurmi is feeling a little worse for wear. He confides in Karppi about refusing to help Henna, and about being the father of Laura’s child. She asks if he’s going to see the kid and he says no — he doesn’t want to be anyone’s father. He and Karppi kiss.

Presumably spurred on by his guilt, Nurmi flashes Henna’s picture to a pair of drug cops who reveal she’s a user and a dealer, and that Kulju told them to keep an eye on her. The car full of Subutex has been discovered on the ferry now and the case is all over the news. Nurmi takes this new information a bit far and attacks Kulju.

When Karppi returns home, Routa is there. She’s understandably interested in what Karppi told her about Jimi not being on the ship. But she assumes it’s a ruse. We get a little background on her being laid off due to her “instability”, denied long-term stable work, and her connection to Jimi, whose killer Karppi promises to find (she still thinks Jimi’s dead, just not in the grave). Meanwhile, Nurmi calls, and Karppi leaves the call open so that he can track them. Routa takes her into the metro tunnels.

As Routa takes Karppi deeper into the tunnels, they discuss vengeance, which forces Karppi to open up about the loss of her husband. Routa seems dissatisfied with the idea of a simple accident, with ‘[nobody being to blame, and nobody to take revenge on. When she finally makes Karppi kneel down, Routa v[cdeliberates for too long and is shot dead.

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