It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 6 recap – Mun-yeong and Gang-tae agree to a deal

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 5, 2020 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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It's Okay to Not Be Okay episode 6 - Bluebeard's Secret


Episode 6 sees both lead characters get closer in intense circumstances as the major moment in their childhood comes to light.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 6, “Bluebeard’s Secret” contains spoilers.

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How does It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 6, “Bluebeard’s Secretopen?

Episode 6 opens with Gang-tae entering Mun-yeong’s mansion and Sang-tae is asleep. The scene heightens with music up until the moment Gang-tae approaches the author to highlight this a significant turning point in the series. Mun-yeong wants to know how long Gang-tae has known she was the girl when she was younger — he claims he knew when he looked into her eyes. The author is unhappy that he pretended that he didn’t know her. Gang-tae thanks her for saving him from the frozen river that day and apologises for running away.

Don’t leave

When Mun-yeong asks Gang-tae if he has any feelings, he states his brother is a handful but the author states she needs looking after too and begs him not to leave. The problems arise when Sang-tae tells Gang-tae that he’s living at Mun-yeong’s mansion and that he’s hired as an illustrator. Gang-tae loses it and raises his voice to Sang-tae, saying that it is not their home. Sang-tae rugby tackles Gang-tae to the floor, telling him that he doesn’t own him. Mun-yeong calms the situation down and Sang-tae heads back into the house in tears. Mun-yeong tells Gang-tae that his brother has abandoned him, and now he has to choose as the caregiver walks away. Episode 6 gives Gang-tae a big decision to make.

The ice incident in the past

As Gang-tae walks away from the house, he remembers a time when he was younger and his mother berated him for not looking after Sang-tae. Gang-tae states he belongs to himself and cries, “I want my brother to die”. As he walks off, Sang-tae runs after him in the snow and the brothers end up having fun on the ice — a young Ko Mun-yeong watches from a distance. This ice breaks and Sang-tae goes under and Gang-tae debates whether to leave his brother to die. Mun-yeong sees Gang-tae hesitate and wants him to leave Sang-tae to die. Gang-tae turns around and saves his brother and Mun-yeong declares the moment as “boring”

Because he’s mentally incapable of understanding, Sang-tae walks away from Gang-tae who has just saved him and leaves him in the icy pool. Mun-yeong now debates whether to save Gang-tae. After using flower petals to decide, Mun-yeong saves him. There’s a strange scene where she just looks at him before walking off. Back in the present day, Mun-yeong tells Sang-tae not to worry — “He won’t be able to abandon you”. She obviously knows Gang-tae doesn’t have it in him to leave his brother after what she saw in the past.

The CEO tries again

Lee Sang-in heads over to the mansion to try to speak to Mun-yeong again. He’s surprised to see that Sang-tae lives there now as an illustrator. Lee Sang-in asks how is she going to look after him. She says “My safety pin” and Gang-tae arrives at the house. Mun-yeong kicks Lee Sang-in out of the mansion. Gang-tae tells Mun-yeong that Sang-tae can stay at hers during the week and he’ll have him on weekends — he wants her to promise to respect him. Mun-yeong shows Sang-tae his room which is in need of a clean but he’s clearly excited.


At the midway point of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 6, “Bluebeard’s Secret”, in the middle of the night, Sang-tae becomes curious and walks around the house and reaches a basement — Mun-yeong stops him and tells Sang-tae the story of Bluebeard — “A count Dracula with a blue beard lived alone in a big castle and he was very wealthy, but everyone avoided him out of fear because of his blue beard”.

The story goes on to how Bluebeard met a poor woman who he wanted to be his bride but on one condition — she must not go into the basement. Inside the basement, there were corpses of women who ignored his orders. Sang-tae tells Gang-tae the story and he concludes that Bluebeard was looking for someone to accept him for who he was. It’s clear that Gang-tae believes that Mun-yeong is wanting someone to accept her.


When Mun-yeong wakes up, she’s shocked and a little emotional that Gang-tae and Sang-tae have sorted the mansion and made breakfast. We can presume she’s enjoying normality that she’s never had and it’s a sweet scene.

I’m your mother

In the hospital, Mun-yeong sees a patient called Ms. Kang, claiming to be her mother and she looks surprised. Gang-tae watches from a distance. The patient touches her face and calls her the prettiest girl in the world — she then asks if she doesn’t recognize her because of the multiple plastic surgeries. Eventually, Gang-tae splits them up as Ko Mun-yeong gets irritated. Gang-tae asks a colleague about the patient and he learns that Ms. Kang claims to be a mistress of a wealthy man and has a daughter. Mun-yeong is clearly impacted by this event and flips out in the hospital literature class.

Leave the house

Lee Sang-in speaks to Gang-tae and tells him he should leave Mun-yeong’s house as he cannot handle her and that he’s bent over backward to care for her. He claims to care for her but Gang-tae reminds the CEO that he’s been well rewarded for working with Mun-yeong. Lee Sang-in also claims to be the author’s man.

My mother is dead

At lunchtime, Nam Ju-ri’s mother raises to Gang-tae that the house has been quiet since they have been at Mun-yeong’s mansion. Meanwhile, Mun-yeong continues to be followed by Ms. Kang claiming to be her mother. Mun-yeong gets angry and states her mother is dead and the patient faints.

How does It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 6, “Bluebeard’s Secretend?

Gang-tae heads to Mun-yeong’s bedroom later on in the day as he couldn’t find her at the hospital; she’s not answering the knocks on her door after a bad day and she lays in bed feeling depressed. She keeps on replaying her confrontation with Ms. Kang in her head. She eventually gets out of bed and combs her hair in the mirror — she remembers her mother combing it when she was younger and she asks her why Bluebeard killed his wives: “Because they didn’t listen to him”. Mun-yeong promises to listen to her mother but then suddenly, her mother grabs her by the hair and screams.

Mun-yeong then wakes up to see a spirit floating above her again; she can’t move and she cries — she’s experiencing sleep paralysis. The spirit (presumably her mother) tells her she will kill the prince that tries to save her. Gang-tae hears her screaming and crying and rushes into her room to comfort her, explaining that it is just a dream. Mun-yeong tells Gang-tae to leave in a panicked voice but he tells her he is staying and holds her until she drifts off again. Episode 6 sees both lead characters get closer in intense circumstances as the major moment in their childhood comes to light.

Additional points
  • At the hospital, Sang-tae continues to paint the wall and the director tells him it’s missing butterflies and he freaks out a little.

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