Breathe: Into The Shadows episode 12 recap – the ending explained

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 10, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Breathe: Into The Shadows episode 12 recap - the ending explained


“C-16” caps off a woeful season with a non-ending that tees up a sequel that presumably nobody wants – an absolutely appalling affair from start to finish.

This recap of Amazon Original series Breathe: Into The Shadows episode 12, “C-16contains spoilers.

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Well, it was a long journey, folks, but we have finally made it to the end – and thank goodness for that. After the opening of “C-16”, the finale, in which we’re still going back and forth about whether Avi or J is in control, pretending we care, I was really ready for this whole series to just be over and done with.

So, too, is Kabir, who goes to the boarding school and finally gets to the truth of Avi’s split personalities. It’s about time! Meghna is also being forced to leave India by her father, if you care about that development, though I can’t imagine why you would.

The police are finally onto Avi in Breathe: Into the Shadows episode 12, but he proves elusive. Abha is also on his trail but spots him with Shirley, which doesn’t go down well. Neither, for that matter, does the revelation that he has been keeping Siya and Gayatri captive in an abandoned theatre, for obvious reasons. After all the failed escape attempts, they’re finally able to get free with Abha’s help, despite a returning J.

Naturally, Kabir, back in control, arrives at the theatre just as everyone else is leaving, leading to a classic stand-off. We even get that bit of everyone trying to get through to the nice personality, which Siya is eventually able to do, convincing Avi to let her go so that Kabir can arrest him.

“C-16” hops forward to three years later to find Avi in prison, but he’s evidently not free of the J persona.

Such a wide-open ending obviously leaves things open for another season, but I sincerely hope we don’t get one. This has been a truly miserable and woefully stupid slab of television, and about halfway through I was thinking about demanding hazard pay. What a mess. Rarely does a show end up so contrived, so stupid, and so ultimately worthless, and there really is nothing to recommend about this mess. At least it’s over – for now.

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