It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 8 recap – Mun-yeong makes Gang-tae jealous

July 12, 2020
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Episode 8 is a difficult episode for Gang-tae who is coming to terms with his feelings that evidently come to the surface.

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Episode 8 is a difficult episode for Gang-tae who is coming to terms with his feelings that evidently come to the surface.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 8, “Beauty and the Beastcontains spoilers.

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How does It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 8, “Beauty and the Beastopen?

Continuing the ‘cutting of the hair’, the opening of episode 8 shows Gang-tae shaping Mun-yeong’s hair. When she looks in the mirror, Mun-yeong is clearly happy with what he’s done and even happier when Gang-tae calls her pretty. Before he goes to work, Gang-tae admires Mun-yeong; she tells him that from now on, only he can cut her hair and that no-one else can touch her. Episode 8 tests their relationship with each other more than ever, with outside forces having an impact.

A bad night with a patient

At the hospital, there’s a problem with patient Mr Ko Dae-hwan. He had a seizure the night before and collapsed. Gang-tae helps Mr Ko get changed; he keeps saying “she’s dead” but that she’s “still here”.

I thought you were pretty…with long hair

Mun-yeong asks Sang-tae why he likes her fairytales. He tells her he likes them because she is pretty, especially when she had long wavy hair. Mun-yeong is understandably irritated, especially since she’s just had her hair cut.

The director asks Ms Park Ok-ran questions about Mr Ko

The director asks Ms Park Ok-ran if she visited Mr Ko the night before or sang a song nearby — “Oh dear, Clementine”. Ms Kang claims there’s a song sang by the ghost in the corridors but she is not a ghost. The director tells Gang-tae that something is happening in the hospital and wants him to keep an eye on Ms Park Ok-ran.

Mun-yeong is trying

Gang-tae, Mun-yeong and Sang-tae go to a restaurant. Their mother used to bring the brothers to the same restaurant. Gang-tae gets briefly emotional while eating. What’s noticeable about this scene is Mun-yeong is trying. Afterwards, Sang-tae hops on the bus and Gang-tae and Mun-yeong go for coffee together.

Making Gang-tae jealous

While in the coffee shop, Mun-yeong sees a man and looks at him and says “I want it”. The man recognises the author and gives Mun-yeong his business card. He asks if Gang-tae is her boyfriend and she says no. Gang-tae is bothered by the situation as the man sits on the table and arranges dinner with Mun-yeong. Gang-tae has to painfully take a photo of them both. Afterwards, Gang-tae is annoyed and Mun-yeong asks if he’s jealous. He walks off angrily and Mun-yeong reveals she wanted the man’s handsome pen, not the man. It’s easy to see how Gang-tae read this situation wildly wrong.

Moving in

Lee Sang-in wants to move into Nam Ju-ri’s place and the mother approves to help pay their way. Jae-su is angry that Mun-yeong is ruining everything but Sang-tae seems distracted; he’s bothered about Mun-yeong’s and Gang-tae’s friendship and this is likely to come to fruition in later episodes as it seems to be mulling in his head.

Jealous Gang-tae continues

At the midway point of  It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 8, Gang-tae approaches Lee Sang-in about how she markets her books based on his advice and that she should be writing, not marketing and calling men “handsome”. Mun-yeong has really played a number on Gang-tae in episode 8 as it stays in his mind what happened over coffee.

War over a teddy

When Sang-tae gets home, he’s annoyed that Mun-yeong has his teddy Mang-tae as Gang-tae gave it to him when younger. Both fight over it and it rips in half. Gang-tae returns home to see both of them have been fighting. He asks for Mang-tae back — both of them are upset. Gang-tae reminds Sang-tae that he felt he never used Mang-tae anymore and apologises for not asking for permission. Gang-tae felt Mun-yeong needed it. Sang-tae says he can have Gang-tae while Mun-yeong can have Mang-tae. This clearly is not going to work but Gang-tae agrees.

The bomb and the safety pin

Mun-yeong asks Gang-tae how she can control her anger as she’s seen him do it many times. Gang-tae explains that he thinks of the consequences. Mun-yeong explains they go hand in hand — bomb and safety pin. Gang-tae raises the handsome man in the coffee shop so Mun-yeong shows him the pen — “You are way more handsome than this pen”. Gang-tae watches Mun-yeong sleep.

Lee Sang-in is interested

Nam Ju-ri is told by her mother that Lee Sang-in is interested in her. She’s worried that Nam Ju-ri is going to follow Gang-tae everywhere. When they reach OK Psychiatric Hospital, Mun-yeong tells Nam Ju-ri and her mother that Gang-tae cut her hair. The director asks Ko Mun-yeong if she happens to know who Ms Park Ok-ran is — she does because she’s in her class. Mun-yeong returns to do her class in the hospital and Gang-tae briefly watches before walking off — he seems bothered about the feelings he has.

The Beauty and the Groomer

Mun-yeong tells a slightly alternative version of “Beauty and the Beast” and makes it into a grooming story. One of the patients stands up and disagrees, stating the story is about pure love. This statement makes Mun-yeong think of Gang-tae — he needs to let it go rather than allowing it to cripple him. There are suggestions that he loves her.

An abusive ex gets Gang-tae angry

Outside, patient A-reum is running away from her ex-partner who apologises for hitting her in the past. She explains she has found someone else. When the man gets aggressive, Mun-yeong throws a can at him. The man then punches Mun-yeong. Gang-tae heads over and punches the man to the floor. He looks back at Mun-yeong and helps lift her up and asks if she is okay. She says she is hurt so Gang-tae touches her face. They look longingly at each other.

How does It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode 8, “Beauty and the Beast” end?

Gang-tae tells the director he will accept any punishment. The director suspends him with no pay. Nam Ju-ri asks Gang-tae why he didn’t say sorry and admit it was a mistake — Gang-tae says it wasn’t a mistake. As Gang-tae walks out of the hospital, he’s smiling at the memories of him and Mun-yeong. He runs towards Mun-yeong who is on a park bench and tells her he got suspended and that he’s probably going to get sued. He seems happy and asks her to go on a trip with him right now. The pair hold hands. Episode 8 is a difficult episode for Gang-tae who is coming to terms with his feelings that evidently come to surface.

Additional points
  • Sang-tae is dissatisfied with Mun-yeong’s new hair thinking it looked better longer.
  • Mun-yeong gives Gang-tae her car keys so he can borrow it and return to her home later.
  • At home, Mun-yeong looks at the hate comments against her.
  • Lee Sang-in’s assistant asks Lee Sang-in if he likes Nam Ju-ri.
  • Gang-tae finds two patients who love each other hiding in the towel room and he has to transfer one of them because it’s against the rules. Both patients sob but Gang-tae reminds them that if they both get discharged, no-one will separate them, so they should focus on their treatment.
  • Lee Sang-in wakes up and his moustache is gone. Jae-su shaved it off in his sleep and the pair fight.

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