Who dies in Absentia season 3?

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 17, 2020 (Last updated: February 11, 2024)
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who dies in Absentia season 3 - amazon original series

This article “who dies in Absentia season 3?” contains spoilers. We’ve covered the third season extensively – check out our other articles. 

With season 3 rumored to be the final ever season, we were fully expecting there to be plenty of deaths in Absentia. In reality, the series is quite light on major deaths but we have broken down who dies anyway. So who dies in Absentia season 3?


Bless her soul. The young teenage hacker got involved with the wrong people that ultimately led to her death. By working with Nick, she got caught stuck in the middle as Emily needed her to try and find Nick. Historically, teaming up with Emily does not end well for characters so it was no surprise when Kai met her fate. And what a way to die as well — Kai is thrown off a high floor of a shopping mall and then slowly dies in the ambulance with a distraught Emily. You always get the sense that if Kai had lived, she’d have had a great mother-daughter-type bond with Emily as it was clear they were emotionally engaged fairly quickly. It’s a shame Absentia did not give this character more moments.

Agent Thompson

Bless her soul again — I’m sure the writers were just out to kill the good-natured characters. Agent Thompson spends most of season 3 helping out Agent Crown in the mole investigation, constantly bugging her superior with Millenial-type jokes and quirky quips that throws him off guard. Ultimately, in the end, she got too close to the truth and the mole kills her. This was a harsh death and felt quite unnecessary — RIP Agent Thompson.

The villains

Of course, the villains die in season 3. Well, Dawkins is presumed dead when Nick tricks him into falling down the well so that is unconfirmed but Elliot is most certainly dead after Emily turns the injection on him.

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