Who is the mole in Absentia season 3?

July 17, 2020
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This article “Who is the mole in Absentia season 3” contains spoilers. We’ve covered the third season extensively – check out our other articles. 

There’s always someone willing to stab someone in the back in Absentia, but season 3 has a mole in the FBI and it’s causing plenty of problems for Emily and the others. Season 3 throws many curveballs about who it could be to make an intriguing season all the way up until the end. Many will be scratching their heads, wondering who it will be as the Amazon series does very well at pointing the finger.

Who are the nominees for the mole?

First up, Cal is the first suspect for the mole, mostly because he’s too good to be true for Emily. He spends most of season 2 acting suspiciously about his past and with season 3 pushing his demons to the surface, it wouldn’t be any surprise that he is the mole within the FBI. Fortunately, and with a sigh of relief, Cal may have demons in the past but he’s certainly not a mole.

And next up is Agent Crown, the man who lost his job as head of FBI to Julianne who offered his demotion on a cold plate. It wouldn’t be any surprise if Crown ended up as the mole due to the bitterness over what happened to him. But again, Crown is way too kind and he’s more of a corporate lapdog than a traitor.

And by working with Agent Crown, you could not write off Agent Thompson for the mole position either but again, she’s a misguided, naive millennial — so it wasn’t her.

The second to last nominee is Director Foster, the boss of Julianne who seems to be in the right place at the right time to pinpoint all the data leaks on him. But it isn’t him either.

So who is the mole in Absentia season 3?

The last and final nominee is Julianne — she is the mole in the third season. Emily has her suspicions on the agent right from the start due to the events that finished the second season with Alice. Julianne is desperate for power and to be accepted by those in higher echelons of life and she’s slowly betrayed her principles by working for Meridian, slowly feeding them information.

What does this mean for season 3?

It means that Agent Crown finds himself rummaging around trying to look for the mole all season 3 but it’s very difficult for him to pinpoint who it is when Julianne is his boss. Eventually, Julianne is found to be the traitor in the group which leads to an exciting season 3 finale.

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