Lucifer season 5, episode 3 recap – “¡Diablo!”

August 21, 2020
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Episode 3 is an amusing episode as it involves a TV show revolving Lucifer’s life as Michael’s manipulations come to light.

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Episode 3 is an amusing episode as it involves a TV show revolving Lucifer’s life as Michael’s manipulations come to light.

This recap of Netflix series Lucifer season 5, episode 3, “¡Diablo!” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Lucifer season 5, episode 3, “¡Diablo!”

Lucifer is infuriated by his twin brother assuming his identity. Amenadiel is worried about Charlie and that Michael has the only line to Father; apparently he has power in the Silver City. Michael might be a bigger problem for Lucifer than he first realized.

It’s really you

Lucifer returns and Chloe does not believe it is him. He has to convince Chloe and uses his persuasive powers. Chloe is ecstatic that it’s really him and gives him a hug.

Lucifer tells her he cannot stay for long. Chloe raises how Michael told her she is a gift from God made just for him and Lucifer’s smile disappears; he tells her that whether she was made for him or not, it doesn’t matter to him. Chloe wants to continue with her job and walks off. This changes their dynamic entirely — Chloe will feel her whole life was a lie and pre-determined.

Murdered man and the TV show

A man named Matt Owens has been stabbed to death at a film studio. Lucifer turns up at the crime scene and wants to know that Chloe’s okay. Chloe keeps sarcastically making God’s Gift jokes. Suddenly Lucifer sees the stabbed man and says he knows him. Matt works on a show that resolves around Lucifer’s life called “Diablo”. Lucifer spent loads of time with the showrunner. This is typically narcissistic of the character.

Chloe and Lucifer attend the set. One of the actors calls Matt Owens a maniac and is not surprised that he was stabbed. Some of the cast think Keri Belwood, Matt’s number two, could have killed him.

Lazy and a control freak

Chloe goes to talk to Keri Belwood. She claims that Matt was the worst kind of boss; lazy and a control freak and also a drug user that could have been caught up with a bad drug deal.

Angry Maze

While trying to repair all the mess Michael left behind, Maze ends up in a fight with Lucifer. She’s angry that he went to Hell without her. Eventually, she walks off and tells Lucifer to stab Michael himself. Lucifer is nonchalant about her accusations and asks why she didn’t come down to Hell herself.

The motel with their equivalents

Lucifer season 5, episode 3 offers a funny scene where Chloe and Lucifer meet their characters from the show in the same scenario.

Lucifer joins Chloe again to help out — he wants her to tell him what to do, presumably so she feels in control. They head to the motel that Matt was apparently staying in that is meant to look like a drug den — it doesn’t. Suddenly, Lucifer and Chloe’s TV equivalents turn up at the motel and want to solve the murder as well. Chloe kicks everyone out, including Lucifer — she needs space.

Another death.

Chloe finds evidence that the actor of Diablo (the man impersonating Lucifer in the TV show) was in that motel room making him a suspect, however, when they get to the studios, the actor has been stabbed to death.

Second in line is arrested

Lucifer tells Chloe that he wants to fix things with her but they don’t have time to talk because everything points back at Keri Belwood — they believe she manipulated the AD chain. Lucifer finds a bloodied knife in her cupboard so Chloe arrests Keril. This was obviously too easy.

Another number two

While reading the notes for the space episode of Diablo, Dan and Ella wonder if it was someone else who killed Matt Owens as the stab wounds are not consistent with Keri’s injured hand. Meanwhile, Chloe drinks with Diablo’s co-star. She learns that the female co-star wanted to take on a new gig that showcases her talent. Chloe senses that she is the killer and they end up in a fight; she arrests her. The actress clearly did not want to be part of a new show as a supporting role and wanted more.

Lucifer turns up and makes a God’s gift jokes and it doesn’t work. Chloe says she feels powerless.

Planting seeds

Lucifer finally comes face to face with his brother. The siblings argue. Michael brings up Lucifer’s failed rebellion and that he planted the seed. Michael then suggests he planted other seeds as well to make Lucifer believe it was all his ideas and that he’s been controlling his brother and his decision making for years. Michael then calls him Samael and it gets under Lucifer’s skin. The brothers then fight. Lucifer wins the fight and slices Michael’s face. That will stop Michael from pretending to be Lucifer in the future.

The ending of Lucifer season 5, episode 3, “¡Diablo!”

Lucifer sees Chloe and confirms that his brother won’t be able to impersonate him anymore but also delivers the bad news; his brother has been manipulating him for a very long time. And now Lucifer knows how feels to not have control over his fate. Chloe argues that she’s just a person, not an angel, so the situation is not as bad.

Lucifer says he thought everything would go differently but then Chloe states that she thought what they had was real before walking off. It’s obvious that Chloe does not want to be part of something that was created for one purpose. She wants real love.

As the episode ends, Maze confronts Michael and wants to cut off his lying tongue. Michael tells Maze that Lucifer is keeping secrets about her too — he wants to tell her how she can find it out for herself. Episode 3 is an amusing episode as it involves a TV show revolving around Lucifer’s life as Michael’s manipulations come to light.

Additional points
  • Maze feels like everyone leaves her life and Linda tells her she has a fear of abandonment. Maze asks why Eve left her and ends up sobbing.
  • Dan tells Lucifer that everyone has little control of their lives and that they need every win that they can get.

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