Lucifer season 5, episode 4 recap – “It Never Ends Well for the Chicken”

August 21, 2020
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Episode 4 gives a back story set in the 1940s narrated by Lucifer — it’s a creative chapter that acts as a genuine filler.

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Episode 4 gives a back story set in the 1940s narrated by Lucifer — it’s a creative chapter that acts as a genuine filler.

This recap of Netflix series Lucifer season 5, episode 4, “It Never Ends Well for the Chicken” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Lucifer season 5, episode 4, “It Never Ends Well for the Chicken”

Lucifer sets up “Game Night” yet no-one is showing up apart from Trixie. It might be his last night on Earth so wants to make the most of it. Trixie wants Lucifer to tell him a story. This is certainly a one-off special episode.

Once Upon a Time

Lucifer sits next to Trixie and starts his story — the Devil visits New York City in 1946. We are now getting a noir black and white grading. Lucifer keeps narrating; crime was on the rise but the war was over and there were loads of possibilities.

Lilith the famous singer

Lucifer goes to the Garden Club — Lilith, Maze’s mother, is singing at the club and Lucifer is enjoying it. Lily and Lucifer have a drink and catch up. Lily references how everything was copacetic until someone stole her ring. She states her rings means everything to her and wants Lucifer to help get it back.

Enlisting Jack

Lucifer needs help with the investigation. Trixie wants the detective helping him to be female — Jack (Chloe) is the person who helps him. Lucifer offers money for help to find the ring. They talk to the barwoman, Gertie (played by Linda), and ask her if they know about Lily’s ring — she references a Lucky Larry and gives a description for more money. Episode 4 is an old-fashioned crime mystery.

Mr. Stompanato

Jack speaks to a man nearby and asks if he knows a Lucky Larry. When Lucifer and Jack go outside they are ambushed and end up in a small fight. Mr. Stompanato (played by Ella) turns up. Mr. Stompanato tells Lucifer and Jack to stop snooping around.

Lucky Larry turns up

At home, Jack and his wife Shirley are going through a rough patch. Lucky Larry arrives at Jack’s house and he’s been stabbed in the back. He collapses and he’s dead on Jack’s doorstep. The story is getting more and more dramatic with each scene.

Relationship problems

Lucifer pries into Jack’s love life. Jack has learned that Shirley was a Call Girl so it wasn’t fated that they got together; someone paid her to approach Jack. Lucifer asks Jack if she’s considered forgetting about it. This part of the story is purposefully linked to Lucifer and Chloe as Chloe believes her fate has been pre-determined by outside forces and it cripples her perspective.

Meeting Willy

Lucifer season 5, episode 4 sees more characters get introduced to the story and the cast enjoy the 40s.

Lucifer and Jack meet Willy (played by Dan) and ask him about the ring. Jack raises how Willy had a heated exchange with Lucky Larry the day before and then ended up dead. Willy says he knows Larry because he purchased a trinket off him from time to time.

A bad marriage

Lilith tells Linda how she was married to a man named Adam years ago and before it went wrong, she stole a little stone from the garden for her ring to remind her she doesn’t need Adam or his father. A nice little twist to the story.

Another death

At Larry’s apartment, Jack plays out a scenario to how Larry was stabbed in the back. Lucifer finds a very expensive cigar that links to Mr. Stompanato — they wonder why he would do all this to impress Lily but not give her the ring. They head to Mr. Stompanato’s house and he’s dead — someone has ripped out his heart. There are hieroglyphics on his face.

Jack and Lucifer end up meeting Melvin the Magnificent (played by Amenadiel) and he thinks that they need a Ceremony for Anubis. Jack asks Melvin if he killed Mr. Stompanato. To try to get to the answer quicker,  Lucifer asks Melvin what he desires but no confession comes. Episode 4 sees this story reach many dead ends for an obvious finale reveal.

A new idea to get the ring back

Lucifer tells Lily that he’s hit a dead-end and wants to know if there’s anything else he can do to pay off some debt. Lily reminds him that she’s had that ring for thousands of years — the ring makes her immortal but then reveals the ring does not do anything at all, which contradicts everything and makes the story rather elusive. Lucifer has an idea to get her ring back from the thief by making it look like a companion piece with a bracelet; they need a high priest, a jeweler, and a distraction.

Implementing the plan

Jack gets his wife to help lure the thief — Shirley plans to leave afterward. Lily asks Lucifer if he’s had an emotional connection with a human since being on Earth — Lucifer claims he hasn’t.

Lucifer plays the piano at the club while Lily sings. Jack’s wife is the jeweler and she made sure that she was seen putting the bracelet in the safe to lure the thief. Jack follows a man who enters the safe and it’s Willy; he believes he is immortal now he has the bracelet and the ring. Gertie (played by Linda) then turns up with a shotgun and asks them to turn over the ring as it was her plan all along.

Risking everything

Gertie believes the ring will save her husband as she saw Lily get shot half a dozen times. Lucifer proves the ring doesn’t work and shoots Willy in the leg and he screams.

Gertie tells Lily she’d rather die today saving the man she loves than live without him. Lily has her ring back and chooses not to press charges.

The ending of Lucifer season 5, episode 4, “It Never Ends Well for the Chicken”

Jack asks Shirley what time her bus is and then shouts after her — she wants to go on the journey with her which gives them a chance to talk and smoothen their relationship.

Lily tells Lucifer that these people had something precious — knowing that it ends. She feels she has been immortal long enough and hands Lucifer the ring; she tells Lucifer not to tell her children what she has done.

Back to reality and Trixie looks at Lucifer’s ring and asks if it has Lilith’s immortality inside of it — he says yes but that it mostly reminds him of an old friend. Trixie reckons Jack and Shirley took the whole bus journey and fixed everything which leaves Lucifer in deep thought. When Trixie enters the elevator to leave, Maze pays her for getting the story out of Lucifer.

Maze visits an apartment to see Lily; she’s been here all this time and tries shutting the door. Maze wants to know why Lily abandoned them. Lily says she did it to make them strong and it worked. Maze walks away from her mother, angry and upset. But what this scene also confirms is that Lily did not get the life she exactly wanted by choosing mortality. Episode 4 gives a back story set in the 1940s narrated by Lucifer — it’s a creative chapter that acts as a genuine filler.

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