Lucifer season 5, episode 8 recap – an action-packed chapter to end Part 1

August 21, 2020
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This is a good time to break up and leaves many questions in the air for when Part 2 of Season 5 is released.

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This is a good time to break up and leaves many questions in the air for when Part 2 of Season 5 is released.

This recap of Netflix series Lucifer season 5, episode 8, “Spoiler Alert” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Lucifer falls to the floor from the gunshot and Chloe rushes over to him. He then suddenly gasps and gets up. Dan insists he’s trying to save his daughter and save the world. Chloe tries reassuring Dan that although he’s the devil, he’s a good man. Dan runs off angry and frustrated. Lucifer is happy that he’s invulnerable, even around Chloe. This is not good for the next phase of their relationship. Chloe wants Lucifer to feel some vulnerability.

Too fast

Peter gives Ella a key to his place as a surprise. When she goes into work, she feels it is going too fast and senses Pete loves her as well. Chloe tells Ella to embrace it. Obviously, this becomes sinister later.

Revisiting the serial killer

At work, Lucifer continues to be buzzing about the invulnerability. But Chloe cuts him off and states there is something wrong about The Whisper Killer and that he didn’t have a connection to the first three victims — Chloe and Lucifer visit Klumpsky. They ask the man about his victims and Klumpsky gets the answers wrong. Chloe tells Lucifer to focus on getting revenge on Dan and she will figure this out on her own. She says it sarcastically but Lucifer takes it literally. While up late researching, Chloe realizes that the serial killer is still out there. But then she is attacked from behind while leaving Lucifer a voicemail.

Chloe is gone

So we now have a situation Lucifer rarely finds himself in.

Lucifer hears the voicemail of Chloe getting attacked the next day and flies to her house. He realizes that she is gone. Ella confirms she has been kidnapped; Lucifer is kicking himself about being distracted. Ella finds a lead in the Arts District. When they get there they meet a Scotty Thomas and he reveals he was meant to give Chloe some transcripts — she was trying to track the killer on KillShare, a dark web website.

They find an account name called LilyMan that is describing the murders which means Klumpsky is a copycat. Lucifer is panicking, insisting they do not have time. He rings Maze and tells her the situation. Maze is angry that Lucifer kept the secret of her mother away from her but she’s keeping her anger inside for now.

Tracking an IP

After tracking an IP address, Lucifer and Ella find an address. Lucifer keeps nervously breathing in this chapter; his anxiety is rocketing. They find a dead woman and Lucifer thinks it’s Chloe but it’s someone else. Meanwhile, Maze visits Klumpsky in his jail cell. She’s ready to interrogate him.

Detective work

Lucifer is doubting himself and tells Amenadiel he cannot find the detective without the detective. Amenadiel assures him he needs to calm down and gives him confidence that he can be a detective. Lucifer puts all the information on a wall to try and find any links. Maze tells Lucifer that the killer routinely got his victims from restaurants; she’s still mad at Lucifer and she notices Lily’s ring on his hand. This was clearly not going to end well.


Maze and Lucifer head to one of the restaurants and they see a potential suspect on CCTV. Lucifer sees something alarming. Meanwhile, Ella finds a secret room in Pete’s house full of lilies. Ella’s new boyfriend is the serial killer. Pete then shows up and Ella tries blagging it but he knows she has found the secret room. Pete throws Ella to the floor and starts choking her. Ella manages to stab him with an injection so he falls asleep.


Pete is now in the interrogation room and Ella demands that he tells her where Chloe is. Pete reveals that his mother didn’t love him just adored her lily garden; he also reveals that his mother always screams which explains the removal of vocal cords in his killings. This is a conversation that is clearly too much for Ella. Pete then tells Ella that there is darkness in her before revealing that he has no idea where Chloe is. He’s telling the truth.

It’s not about her

Lucifer breaks down for going after the wrong person. Maze wonders if this is all about hurting Lucifer. Meanwhile, Chloe is holed up in some prison and predictably, Michael is her kidnapper. Michael wonders if Lucifer has ever said “I love you” to Chloe and then realizes that he hasn’t. Chloe looks upset and gets angry as Michael walks off. This is a major concern for Chloe and Michael is using it to manipulate her.

A drunk Dan

Lucifer speaks to a very drunk Dan. He asks Dan why he came back to the Amenadiel’s place that night and realizes it was Michael that rang him. Lucifer asks Dan where he saw Michael. Dan describes some weird cave and metal bars inside.

Finding Chloe

Lucifer finds Chloe with Maze and Dan. Chloe kisses Lucifer and there’s a lot of relief. Dan realizes that Lucifer does care about Chloe at this moment and Maze utters “Freaking soulmates”. Ah, this is getting awkward

Meanwhile, Michael visits Amenadiel in the hospital — Amenadiel and Linda were worried about Charlie’s temperature. Michael wants to offer his support for his child. Amenadiel says Charlie is fine and Michael states, “You know what that means right?”.

Michael has a plan

When Michael returns to the cave, Maze is there and she tells him she is tired of his games. Michael says he’s been honest and even told her about the ring and states that his plan is coming together.

Amenadiel tells Lucifer that Charlie is getting better and that’s it’s a normal cold. Lucifer and Linda do not understand what the problem is. Episode 8 is fascinating because Lucifer is completely unaware of the issues that are arising.

Do you love me back

When Lucifer tells Chloe that he has his mojo back, Chloe wonders if Lucifer wants them both to be together or if he is subconsciously pushing her away because he is vulnerable. She’s also afraid that Lucifer doesn’t feel the same way back. Lucifer admits that he does feel the same way back and as he’s about to say “I love you”, time freezes. What was noticeable about this scene is that Lucifer was hesitating to say I love you.

The ending

Lucifer asks Amenadiel to unfreeze time but the angel claims he didn’t mean to. Amenadiel tells Lucifer that Michael is right; that Charlie is mortal and he assumed he was like us. He’s worried he will get old and suffer. Lucifer does not want to deal with Amenadiel’s parental anxieties. Michael then shows up and is happy at what’s happened.

Amenadiel gets worried about Charlie again; Lucifer tries convincing him that Charlie is not going to die while Michael iterates the opposite, trying to get inside his head. Amenadiel punches Michael but then Maze turns up and defends Michael — he has promised her a soul. Lucifer states that it is impossible to give a demon a soul but Maze doesn’t want to listen and throws Lucifer threw some glass.

Maze and Lucifer fight; Maze tells Lucifer that he hid her mother from her. Lucifer apologizes as he made a promise to Lillith. Meanwhile, Amenadiel and Michael fight. Eventually, all four are fighting. Suddenly, Father shows up and tells them not to fight. “Spoiler Alert” is a good time to break up and leaves many questions in the air for when Part 2 of Season 5 is released.

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