Lucifer season 5, episode 6 recap – “BlueBallz”

August 21, 2020
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Episode 6 was convoluted as the writers were trying to reach a specific moment for the fans but, in doing so, it made for a rather average episode.

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Episode 6 was convoluted as the writers were trying to reach a specific moment for the fans but, in doing so, it made for a rather average episode.

This recap of Netflix series Lucifer season 5, episode 6, “BlueBallz” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Lucifer season 5, episode 6, “BlueBallz”

Episode 6 opens with a couple hooking up and the woman hears something. A friend jokingly points a gun at them and asks them to return to the lively party. The DJ at the party is electrocuted to death by his headphones. It seems like an accident but it’s obviously not.

They arrive together

Chloe and Lucifer arrive at the crime scene together and Ella is surprised by their arrival. DJ Matt Pexxa was killed by his headphones. Ella isn’t even sure it’s murder yet. Chloe visits the deck and shows that the surge protector was disconnected so it was more likely to be murder. Lucifer and Chloe seem more distracted by their sexual tension so want to solve this mystery as soon as possible. We have Amenadiel to thank for this spark all of a sudden.

An unexpected love interest

DJ Karnal (also known as Jed) shows up and Chloe knows him and gives a hug. Lucifer gets jealous and heads over immediately. The pair used to date casually. Jed asks Chloe if she’s in a relationship and she doesn’t answer the question properly. Afterwards, Chloe tells Lucifer she doesn’t know what “this” is yet. And this causes Lucifer to be extra-weird for the rest of episode 6, “BlueBallz”

A lead

Back to the investigation, Chloe asks Jed if anyone would have killed Pexxa. Jed is the person that let Pexxa borrow the headphones so he is wondering who could tamper with them. They have a lead as Jed has been getting threatening emails from a man named Raul Blanco.

Is Jed the suspect

Chloe and Lucifer approach Raul Blanco about the death threats to Jed. Raul is protesting against the homeless near Jed’s place which seems to be his only dispute. Suddenly, Jed’s place blows up. Lucifer believes Jed is doing all this to get closer to Chloe and it just so happens all the evidence has just been destroyed. Lucifer clearly needs to take a chill pill at this stage.

Chloe and Lucifer visit a woman named Belinda who broke into Jed’s studio. She’s angry that Jed stole her tracks but she doesn’t suggest that she tried to murder him. She planted recording devices in the studio so they may be able to use that to find out who the killer is. Episode 6, “BlueBallz” brings convenience at the highest level but it seems to be skirting around the obvious — Chloe and Lucifer.

Getting to know Jed

Lucifer season 5, episode 6 sees our devil taking his jealousy to a whole new level.

Lucifer brings Jed to his place to keep him “safe” but really he did not want him at Chloe’s home. He accuses Jed of trying to seduce Chloe and confirms that he’s seeing her. Jed wonders if Chloe and he are destined to be together — he admits he wishes he didn’t screw it up after Chloe broke up with him. Lucifer wants to know what Jed did wrong so he doesn’t make the same mistakes.

Jed talks about how the sex was great (which irks Lucifer) but there was a lack of mystery in the relationship. He felt once Chloe figured him out, she got bored quickly. This is perfect of course because Lucifer is constantly mysterious but with his lack of self-awareness, he takes the advice literally.

Finding a fan

Chloe, Linda, Ella, and Maze head to a club to look for an obsessed fan with a hearing aid after researching social media, forums and fan mail who threatened Jed’s life. It’s a glow stick party. Meanwhile, Lucifer, Jed, and Dan help Amenadiel with Charlie who will not stop screaming and shouting — the angel, unfortunately, annoyed Linda so she left him with the baby all day.

At the club, Chloe asks Linda about sex with Lucifer. She describes how his length is perfect but she should be more worried about his narcissistic behaviour. There’s no lead on the killer so Chloe rings Lucifer but he’s trying to remain mysterious and doesn’t answer the phone. As for Jed, he’s disappeared — Lucifer has been manipulated so he’s angry, transforming into his devil form. Every time he does, Charlie stops crying.

Finding the killer

Jed shows up at the club and does a DJ set. Chloe does not believe the killer is there but there is a fan named Karen who is transfixed on Jed. As she tries taking a photo, Maze tackles her to the ground. Ron, who Karen seems to know, approaches Jed with a gun. Ron demands that Jed tells them what he did — that he’s a homewrecker. Chloe tries calming him down but Ron is angry that Jed slept with his wife. Chloe starts a speech about having the ability to talk to your loved ones and notice how incredible they are. This is clearly in reference to Lucifer as she has emotions in her eyes as she says it.

Eventually, Chloe gets Ron to the ground and he’s arrested.

Michael’s manipulation

Jed tells Chloe that her speech was about Lucifer. She admits it’s complicated. Jed seems to have accepted to let her go. Meanwhile, Lucifer doesn’t know what to do about Chloe but Dan tells him to stop asking for advice and to let it go rather than looking for answers.

As Dan walks back to Amenadiel’s place after getting a call from Lucifer asking him to return, he sees Lucifer in his true form through the window. It wasn’t Lucifer who rang him, it was Michael. He’s still manipulating.

The ending of Lucifer season 5, episode 6, “BlueBallz”

Chloe heads over to Lucifer’s place. Lucifer apologizes for listening to advice when he should have listened to her. Chloe also apologizes and admits they are not normal — “We’re incredible”. Chloe suggests she is going to leave but it leads them to presumably having sex for the first time.

Episode 6, “BlueBallz” was convoluted as the writers were trying to reach a specific moment for the fans but, in doing so, it made for a rather average episode.

Additional points
  • Maze visits Linda and asks her how does she not die alone. Linda tells her to be more open and emotionally available. Maze tries to be more open and relatable to her friends.
  • A journalist named Pete asks out Ella for a drink but she declines. Later on, she accepts a date with him.
  • Ella tells Maze she will find her soul mate. Maze says she will not find a soul mate because she doesn’t have a soul.

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