Lucifer season 5, episode 5 recap – “Detective Amenadiel”

August 21, 2020
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Episode 5 brings perspective and patience to the characters as they learn home truths about themselves.

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Episode 5 brings perspective and patience to the characters as they learn home truths about themselves.

This recap of Netflix series Lucifer season 5, episode 5, “Detective Amenadiel” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Lucifer season 5, episode 5, “Detective Amenadiel”

Lucifer has a surprise for Chloe so blindfolds her and brings her to a beach. He tells her to burn a gift on the beach as a way of letting go of one part of her life. Chloe thinks it’s a good idea however, she tells Lucifer needs time and space. Lucifer is just not getting it is he…

Hell needs no-one

Lucifer tells Linda that he’s urgently trying to patch things up with Chloe so he can return to Hell and Amenadiel can come home. However, Amenadiel has already returned. He’s home. Amenadiel says he heard a voice from Father saying Hell doesn’t need anyone anymore — Lucifer is frustrated that he spent a millennia in Hell for no reason. There will definitely be more to this — it’s just too simple.

Why did mother abandon me?

Maze also has parent issues. She tells Linda that her mother Lily is a b*tch after visiting her. Linda defends Lily because she’s left a baby girl behind before. Maze is disgusted and leaves Linda’s office.

Maze returns to Linda’s office later and Linda tells her story. She explains how she was unprepared and didn’t know how to handle it all — “I didn’t have the strength to raise her”. Linda explains how she walked out of the hospital and never returned and misses her baby girl every single day. Maze hints that she knows who her daughter is.

A nun is murdered

As usual, there’s a new investigation; a nun has been murdered at a monastery — Sister Victoria a.k.a Victoria Reynard. Chloe asks a group of nuns some questions but they are all acting suspiciously. Amenadiel comes to help her with the investigation — she evidently doesn’t want Detective Lucifer by her side at present. Amenadiel is clearly having an effect on the nuns and Mother Angelica gives up herself for arrest.


Lucifer tries to help the investigation back at the station with Dan with the paperwork and analyzing key findings. He finds the whole process boring and wants to go out and talk to the nuns directly — he’s like a child sometimes but it offers the comedic moments. Lucifer laughs at Detective Amenadiel for working with Chloe and is surprised that they apparently make a good team. Dan shows Lucifer the phone records and the missing calls. Lucifer recognizes one of the phone numbers; it’s Destiny Page’s number. Of course, he knows her.


Mother Angelica tells Amenadiel and Chloe that she didn’t kill Sister Victoria. Chloe asks Angelica if it’s “Control or faith” you can’t have it both ways. Angelica states that Chloe has the strength to work out this case. Chloe raises the star Destiny Page; apparently she was speaking to the nuns about being a new convert.

Meeting the long lost daughter

Lucifer season 5, episode 5 provides more pain for Maze as the discovery for her mother has brought on unexpected truths.

Maze shows Linda who her daughter is — Adriana. They visit Adriana’s house and Linda is overwhelmed by seeing her daughter — Maze and Linda ask her many abandonment questions but Linda isn’t ready to tell her. Maze calls her a coward but Linda claims she isn’t Lilith.

Afterward, Maze visits Lily’s apartment and learns she has died. She walks around the place; she’s angry and upset. There’s no closure. This will impact the character for the foreseeable.

Amenadiel helped create her

Lucifer and Amenadiel argue about the case — Chloe overhears that Amenadiel helped create her with Father. Chloe feels she has been created to be a perfect Morningstar. After talking to Lucifer and Amenadiel she gets upset again and goes back to work. Amenadiel and Chloe speak to Destiny Page. She claims she loves Sister Victoria and brings up an alibi that she went to goat yoga after her alcoholic anonymous group and she left her one month medal there. Lucifer and Dan visit the yoga place and realize Destiny Page’s alibi holds up.

It’s going to take a whole new perspective for Chloe to be able to see her and Lucifer differently and Episode 5 shows that.

The reveal of the secret room

Sister Francine visits the station and wants to talk to Amenadiel — she kisses him and says she has feelings for him. Francine feels she is closer to God through him. Amenadiel asks Francine if Victoria had a boyfriend or fiance — Francine reveals that Victoria had a secret cellar at the monastery.

Amenadiel and Chloe head to the secret cellar in the monastery and a man named Hank with a gun approaches them. He was engaged to Victoria, who was also Destiny Page’s assistant. He was angry that Victoria chose to be a nun over being with him. Hank tries shooting Amenadiel but obviously, it doesn’t work. Amenadiel shows his wings and exposes who he truly is before arresting him. This was quite reckless of them but he was merely trying to prove Hank a point.

The ending of Lucifer season 5, episode 5, “Detective Amenadiel”

Amenadiel tells Chloe that the nuns were seeing a reflection of God in him and that others see a reflection of their desires in Lucifer. However, Amenadiel raises how Chloe doesn’t see her desires reflected in Lucifer and that she’s the only mortal that sees Lucifer for who he truly is. That’s the gift. This is it, this is the perspective that fans will be relieved to hear.

Chloe visits Lucifer and sits next to him at the piano. She brings up her conversation with Amenadiel and the theory that Lucifer chooses to be vulnerable around her. Chloe says if it’s true then she chooses to be vulnerable around him. The pair kiss. Episode 5 brings perspective and patience to the characters as they learn home truths about themselves.

Additional points
  • Lucifer tells Chloe she has all the time she needs to figure out her feelings after finding out she’s God’s gift.
  • Maze tells Linda that she didn’t get any closure on her mother because she’s dead.

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