Lucifer season 5, episode 7 recap – “Our Mojo”

August 21, 2020
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Episode 7 focuses on empowerment and brings a good lead up to the penultimate episode of Part 1 of Season 5.

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Episode 7 focuses on empowerment and brings a good lead up to the penultimate episode of Part 1 of Season 5.

This recap of Netflix series Lucifer season 5, episode 7, “Our Mojo” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Lucifer and Chloe wake up in the morning after a night of presumed passion. They are enjoying each other’s company. While on top of Lucifer she offers him breakfast and says “What do you desire?” and it seems to have an effect on him. Chloe thinks it’s a joke.

The mojo problem

But it isn’t a joke and Lucifer has something new to panic about. Lucifer sees Linda and tells her that Chloe can expose desires; he wonders if everyone he’s had sex with gets his powers — Linda tests it out and nothing happens, so the “mojo” problem is a Chloe specific problem. Linda reminds Lucifer that he’s the best at “mojo”. Unfortunately, as the chapter continues, that’s not really relevant.

The investigation and Chloe has the mojo

Ella introduces the next investigation — a famous soprano named Diane Luna has been murdered; a puncture mark suggests she was injected by a paralytic agent and choked on her own blood. There’s no evidence of forced entry so it’s likely it was someone Diane knew. Lucifer tries his mojo on the neighbor Norman and it doesn’t work — he accuses Chloe of stealing his powers and starts freaking out. He asks Chloe to use the mojo on him to see if it’s transferred — Chloe uses the words and it works. Poor Lucifer.

New suspect

They have a new suspect — Marios Canales. He was Diane’s vocal coach but there was a suggestion that they were having an affair. Chloe and Lucifer meet Marios Canales; Chloe uses her mojo and it works and Lucifer asks why he killed Diane. Marios explains that his marriage has been over for years and that he was proud of Diane. Marios then mentions a Niels Schuman who is a tyrant and a bully and Diane wanted to bring him down.

Dan asks for a sign

Dan visits Charlotte’s grave and tells her how much he misses her. He doesn’t think he will be joining her in Heaven after seeing Lucifer in devil form. He begs for guidance and a sign. Michael arrives with his wings and presents himself as Archangel. He tells Dan there’s a way to right his wrongs and protect his loved ones. Michael has been bubbling through season 5 and episode 7, the penultimate chapter, brings his manipulations to the surface.

Couples therapy

Lucifer wants to have sex again to get his mojo back but Chloe doesn’t like an agenda on it — she states that relationships are meant to be about give and take. Lucifer suggests couples therapy with Linda. Surprisingly, Linda takes Lucifer’s side and states how he’s showing emotional maturity. Linda then asks Chloe what she’d feel like if she lost her badge and authority to Lucifer.

Maze tries something

Maze starts a fight with Amenadiel because he’s too busy being a father. During the fight, it’s evident there’s sexual tension and they end up kissing. Maze stops it and gets angry, claiming that the situation isn’t working for her. The next day, Maze and Amenadiel drink at the club; they talk about her mother. Maze believes she’s doomed to be alone forever — she feels everyone has rejected her but wanted to see if an angel could love a soulless demon. Amenadiel tells her she has taken her path and grown so much and that she will find what she is looking for. We can expect this story to last a while. The repercussion of having no closure on her mother is not something that can be so easily fixed.

Mojo doesn’t work on Niels

Lucifer and Chloe meet Niels and tell her that they know about Diane’s accusations of abuse. As they are sharing with each other, Lucifer asks Chloe to use his mojo but it doesn’t work. Afterward, Chloe reveals that Niels has an alibi. Anyway, after the questioning, Chloe proves to Lucifer that she still has her powers and he seems disappointed.

It’s not a one-off murder

And then it gets worse; another woman has been killed by the same technique. They are dealing with a serial killer and Ella is kicking herself for not detecting it earlier. Lucifer states that the killer is slashing their vocal cords to take away their power.

The flower shop

The serial killer is using lilies in their killings so they visit various flower shops. At one of the shops, Chloe recognizes the glitter ribbon from one of the stores. The owner of the story gives them a lead.

Finding clues

They head to the lead’s place and he’s not in but there is a photo of the next victim and a receipt for flowers. Chloe reminds Lucifer that they are a team. Ella and Pete also show up to help in Star Trek costumes as they are coming from a convention. The group scours the apartment for clues.

Seizing Lucifer’s vocal cords

Ella finds a clue that she lives in the same apartment building on the ninth floor. While investigating further, the serial killer injects Lucifer from behind and his vocal cords start to seize up. The serial killer tells Lucifer to be quiet as Chloe starts shouting for him. She finds Lucifer but he cannot speak — the serial killer attempts to stab her from behind but she senses it and shoots him. Another day, another investigation secured.

The ending

The serial killer is now caught and Pete states the paper will name him the Whisper Killer. Pete tells Lucifer that he really likes Ella and wants Lucifer to get along with him — Lucifer tells Pete that he’s doing a good job and as a couple, they empower each other, which seems to get him thinking.

Chloe tells Lucifer that losing his mojo could be a good thing; that she’s put a tiny dent in a giant wall that he’s erected for himself. Lucifer admits Chloe is right and he’s dropped his guard. While Chloe goes to freshen up, Dan shows up and shoots Lucifer, saying, “He has to”. A distraught Chloe runs over to Lucifer. Episode 7 focuses on empowerment and brings a good lead up to the penultimate episode of part 1 of season 5.

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