Lucifer season 6, episode 7 recap – “My Best Fiend’s Wedding”?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 10, 2021
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Netflix series Lucifer season 6, episode 7 - My Best Fiend's Wedding


It’s a beautiful episode in which a wedding that maybe you never thought would come to be, actually happens! Plus, a drunk Ella makes a shocking announcement in the closing moments!

This recap of Netflix’s Lucifer season 6, episode 7, “My Best Fiend’s Wedding,” contains significant spoilers.

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Lucifer season 6, episode 7 recap

Following Amenadiel’s time on the force, Chloe decides that she will return to the LAPD. But she’s not going to tell Lucifer (just yet). Adam (aka that barrel of laughs) arrives, just as Eve and Maze plan their wedding. Guess what? He wants Eve back. Typical! After he heard about the wedding, he decided to come to Earth and “save her”. But Eve is firm as she tells him, “I didn’t choose you, I’m gonna choose Maze”. 

After Ella reassures Carol that she’s not having second thoughts about him being her wedding date, she opens up her wall of weird as she correctly suspects Lucifer and the crew of their real identities. After Adam has a session with Linda, Eve and Maze go looking for Linda. But they can’t find her, yet they can smell Adam’s aftershave. Has he kidnapped Linda? 

After she witnesses Rory kill a fly with her wings, Chloe begins to worry whether Rory has to protect herself in the future because Chloe is unable to. Hoping to find Linda, Eve “baits” Adam using herself. When he refuses to tell her where Linda is, Maze pretends to be her mother Lilith, as she tortures him. After watching her, Eve realizes that Maze made sure that Adam learned about the wedding, in the hope that it would stop the wedding from going ahead. Eve states that she can’t be the only one believing in Maze.

Lucifer learns that Adam desires to be a better man and to deal with his issues. A drunk Eve listens to “Without You”. (We’ve all been there). But first, there’s a gift. Demons from Hell are outside in freshly dead bodies. It’s from Maze, and it’s her old, new and something blue. Maze asked Lucifer to do it, as she wants to show Eve that she is proud of her. The wedding is back on! But as Lucifer helped Eve and Maze, he forgot to meet Rory at the tailor’s. 

Ella further believes that Amenadiel is an angel as he speaks to Dan, who she can’t see. When Carol remarks that it smells like a three-day-old crime scene, it adds further proof to Ella. The wedding begins! Linda walks Maze down the aisle. When it comes to Eve’s turn, she’s wolf-whistled by Adam. He offers to walk her down the aisle, only to get turned down. 

In one of the most beautiful scenes that Lucifer has done, “Worship” by LACES gets played as Eve walks herself down the aisle. Maze and Eve are married!

The ending

As a drunk Ella observes more and more, namely the half-dead demons, Rory reveals that the reason she is so angry is that when Chloe is on her deathbed, Lucifer still isn’t there.

Ella has seen enough and she snaps, massively! Drunk and dramatic, she takes to the stand and reveals that she knows everything about Lucifer, Amenadiel and Maze! But what she can’t believe is how they all kept it from her before mentioning the little fact of the world ending. But the massive shock for Ella and everyone in the room; literally no one else knows that the world is ending.

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