Lucifer season 6, episode 8 recap – “Save the Devil, Save the World”?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 10, 2021
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Netflix series Lucifer season 6, episode 8 - Save The Devil, Save The World


Ever wondered how Ella would respond to knowing Lucifer was the devil? Wonder no more! Plus, it’s great to see all of the characters work together as they try to solve the minor issue of the world ending.

This recap of Netflix’s Lucifer season 6, episode 8, “Save The Devil, Save The World,” contains significant spoilers.

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Lucifer season 6, episode 8 recap

With reduced hiccups and mosquitoes dying out, Ella shows Lucifer, Amenadiel, and Chloe the evidence that proves the world is ending. Ella reveals that she could have helped earlier had she been in the Celestial “in-crowd”. Following the information, Lucifer decides now is the time for him to become God. But his wings won’t work. (Hate what that happens).

Going to Linda for help, Lucifer learns that she’s been writing a book about him. “Save the devil, save the world,” is Ella’s thought process as they start reading Linda’s book, hoping it will let Lucifer regain his wings. Although Ella reacts well to Lucifer, she’s shocked to learn that her friend Azrael was, in fact, an angel.

As Dan didn’t experience a Hell loop, he is unable to figure out what his guilt is. But Maze promises to help him find out! So Maze tries to torture Dan over Charlotte Richards; it, however, doesn’t work. After Chloe realizes from the book that Lucifer either leaves or isn’t around, he hasn’t seen her worst; and fears that may be why he abandons her in the future. Using Maze’s help, Dan speaks to Ella. Although she at first believes everyone views her to be a dummy, Dan tells her that although she didn’t know the specifics, she’s loved by everyone and that she is the inner circle.

With the last chapter of the book missing, as Linda kept it in her office, Lucifer learns that Linda doesn’t believe that he will become God. Maze tells Dan that one way for him to move forward is for him to relive his death.

Rory tells Chloe that the reason she uses her wings as weapons is that, “unlike him”, Chloe did something right. Unable to understand how Chloe can still defend Lucifer, Lucifer demand Rory shoots him. When she does, he is hurt and starts bleeding. Maybe that will prove that Lucifer loves her? “It worked”. Linda, who some might say has been a godsend, brings the last chapter to the group. Lucifer then gains his wings, flies to heaven, and takes his throne.


That was just a fake ending from Linda’s book. But Linda (the godsend) has cracked it. His subconscious and conscious minds are working together. And like that, his wings are working for real! Finally ready to be God, Lucifer chooses that he doesn’t want to be. Having read the book, Rory has seen things from the other side and now understands that Lucifer truly loves Chloe. It’s a moment that may tug at the heartstrings.

The ending

Linda does, however, remind Lucifer of the end of the world situation, which Lucifer believes Amenadiel will fix. Burning her book, Linda is dismayed to think she never realized that Lucifer didn’t want to become God. But Lucifer reassures her by telling Linda that she helped him connect with Chloe; and made him into a better man. Episode 8 of season 6 of Lucifer concludes with Amenadiel telling Lucifer that he knows why the world is ending.

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