Trinkets season 2, episode 7 recap – what happened in “Same Time Last Year”?

August 25, 2020
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Episode 7 does not benefit from the flashbacks at all; the strong context was a little heavy and could have easily been communicated without supporting scenes.

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Episode 7 does not benefit from the flashbacks at all; the strong context was a little heavy and could have easily been communicated without supporting scenes.

This recap of Netflix’s Trinkets season 2, episode 7, “Same Time Last Year” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Tabitha is hanging out with Ben — Ben shows her his body art. She notices a scar that he got from military school. Tabitha shows her small tattoo on her wrist — the triangle that signifies a trio. Ben tells Tabitha that Moe is not going to be cool with “this” (referring to them both getting romantic). Ben then asks Tabitha about a scar on her arm and asks where she got it from.

Where did you get the cut from?

A flashback ensues; it’s a Brady family meal that Tabitha attends. Brady is getting hurt by his family but Tabitha has to leave. Brady accuses her of being selfish and smashes some glass nearby that cuts Tabitha’s arm. This moment traumatised Tabitha, realising someone that she loved could get so angry at her. Back in the present day, Moe arrives so Tabitha asks Ben to hide in her room — Moe is worried about the stolen tests. The pair discuss Thanksgiving and their plans and Tabitha starts panicking as Moe gets closer to the stairs. It’s going to get ugly in “Same Time Last Year” — at this point, you just know.

A call from her father

Moe has a flashback about Danny (her father) who rings her from prison and asks about Thanksgiving. He asks for some cash so he can buy a toothbrush and promises it is nothing shady. Back in the present day, Moe tells Tabitha to have a Friendsgiving and Ben can cook. Tabitha suggests going to see Elodie first as she’s trying to find a way of allowing Ben to leave her room without Moe seeing. The sneaking around is not a good look.

Family time

We are then treated to a flashback with Elodie — she’s playing a ukelele in front of her mother and she seems happy. In the present day, her father checks up on her. Elodie sends Jillian a song she made and then heads down to her family to help with Thanksgiving cooking. She is reminded by how her mother did the cooking. Moe and Tabitha come over and asks Elodie’s father if Elodie can come to the Friendsgiving — they also invite Elodie’s parents.

I’m not going to Portland

Back to Elodie’s flashback and her mother suggests that she spends time with her father at Christmas in Portland which infuriates her. In the present day, she’s stealing from a store. In the present day, Elodie tells her friends that it’s her first year without her mother. There’s clearly a void for Elodie in episode 7, “Same Time Last Year” that’s really impacting her.


Friendsgiving is starting and Ben heads over. Tabitha makes out like Ben is not her type. Moe says her brother is sacred — well, this is an awkward scene and it’s surprising Moe cannot sense anything. Moe apologizes to Tabitha for trying to lecture her about relationships. Elodie’s family then head over and the Friendsgiving is in full swing.

A surprise guest

Moe gives the speech and cuts the turkey and tells them all the love she has for them. Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door — Moe and Ben’s father Danny arrives. Moe asks for a talk with Ben privately in the kitchen — she’s fuming at her brother that he never told her. Moe’s mother tells her to make the most of her father being there — Moe is fuming at the dinner table and making snarky comments.

Stop acting like a proud Dad

The table takes it in turns to discuss what they are thankful for. When Moe’s father Danny does his thanks Moe tells him he cannot act as the proud Dad. Her father meets her at the back of the house for a talk. She asks him why she is not enough for him. He claims he wrote a letter but she immediately stated she burned it and Moe’s father is impressed at her feistiness. He then says it hurts the woman she is because he is proud and that he doesn’t deserve it. Parent issues are rife still in Trinkets — a raw moment for Moe in “Same Time Last Year”

The ending

Her father then offers to go and asks if he can call her later in the week. She accepts his offer. As he walks off, the father gives Moe some advice — keep a hold on something you love, something he failed to do.

We are then treated to another flashback of Moe; it shows the moment the first time she met Noah and they flirted a lot. In the present day, they eat pie together. The pair seem warm together again. Moe and Elodie then finish the pie together. As for Tabitha, she joins Ben in the kitchen and complimented him on how he handled things.

Tabitha then tells Ben how she got her scar. Ben apologizes and thanks Tabitha for trusting him, vowing to never hurt her. Tabitha says that Ben makes her feel safe. The pair kiss and Moe sees and says “F*ck you both. I’m out”. Trinkets season 2, episode 7 does not benefit from the flashbacks at all; the strong context was a little heavy and could have easily been communicated without supporting scenes.

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