Selena + Chef episode 7 recap – “Selena + Angelo Sosa” 101 x2



“Selena + Angelo Sosa” make guacamole, figure out what to do with your leftover rice, and inadvertently feed 40,000 people.

This recap of Selena + Chef episode 7, “Selena + Angelo Sosa”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Angelo Sosa, chef and author and restauranteur, is the guest of the fittingly titled “Selena + Angelo Sosa”. He seems pretty happy to be there, and he’s going to be giving Selena the guacamole 101 and the wok 101, the latter by using it to make Baja-style fried rice. He also has some… ideas about matching flavors, including curry, caviar, and white chocolate being a delightful combination. I mistrust this guy.

Papa arrives for a guest spot, which makes a change from Liz and Raquel. Nana isn’t far behind. Angelo has his girlfriend Devon with him. He’s using his heart to guide his cooking, while Selena is taking her sweet time with her chopping. I’m a huge fan of Papa’s period sarcastic remarks.

The “trinity” of sweet, salty, and sour keeps coming up, putting Selena to the test. Angelo seems to have a thing for white chocolate, which he tells Selena to grate over the guacamole. Plot twist: Selena’s not a fan.

Time for Wok 101. This is the recipe that’s for all your leftover takeout rice, so I’m all ears! Selena still doesn’t know what mise-en-place is. It comes up every episode! Nevertheless, we get a little backstory for Angelo, if not much justification for his awful dad jokes.

Selena learns to crack an egg with one hand and then gets flustered when it comes to cooking everything. This episode’s hot (literally) tip: Turn the heat off before you add your sesame oil. The rice looks great — even Nana and Papa are into it.

Feeding San Diego is Angelo’s chosen charity — from each dollar they feed four people, so Selena’s donation will accommodate 40,000 people in need. Can’t argue with that.

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