Julie and the Phantoms season 1, episode 6 recap – “Finally Free”

September 10, 2020
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“Finally Free” deflates slightly with the momentum in the story as the series reaches the halfway point.

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“Finally Free” deflates slightly with the momentum in the story as the series reaches the halfway point.

This recap of Netflix’s Julie and the Phantoms season 1, episode 6, “Finally Free” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Julie is late for a dance class and she has missed her first three classes. She tells Flynn she’s no longer in the ghosts’ band. Flynn asks Julie if she’s spoken to Nick. The lacrosse team then joins the dance class which includes Nick. Julie pairs up with him and it’s awkward between them as it’s clear Nick is romantically interested in her.

They are flickering

Luke tries to argue with the other bandmates that they need to be with Julie as a band and not Caleb. The three keep getting sharp pains from the stamp Caleb put on them — they are unaware why they are experiencing pains. Meanwhile, Caleb speaks to Willie — he wants to know how his band is doing. Willie confirms that they are flickering, just like he wanted them to. Julie and the Phantoms Episode 6, “Finally Free”, confirms that Caleb has a wider plan to get the band back.


The ghost band tries to apologize to Julie by singing. They’ve booked a new gig where loads of music managers turn up to sign bands. Julie is still angry and accuses them of being obsessed with their past. She walks away from them as she feels they are too selfish.

Luke’s secret

Reggie and Alex speak to Julie and she tries to ignore them. Alex tells Julie that Luke is not as selfish as she thinks she is — they tell her what the song “Emily” is about. Julie learns that Emily is Luke’s mother and he watches them a lot. It’s Luke’s birthday today and he’s hurting — when he died, he left his parents on bad terms. As Luke blows out his birthday cake candles with his parents, Julie looks on and sympathizes. Alex and Reggie ask Julie for another chance.


Julie returns to the studios and rejoins the band. She wishes Luke a happy birthday and then they jam. When Julie returns to the house, she sees her brother looking for orbs as he believes the house is haunted. Julie’s father is mad at her for missing three classes at school. Her aunt is also mad at her for missing a calculus test. Her father grounds her from going out in the evenings. This isn’t good for the character, especially because they have a gig. Julie breaks the news to the band that she’s grounded and they cannot go to the gig. Luke tells her not to take the stairs and opens up her bedroom window.

The ending

At the gig, Carrie is already performing. Julie and Flynn agree that Carrie’s performance is good. Carrie gets off stage and tells Julie that Nick hasn’t come and she’s clearly saying this just to spite her. Julie gets on the stage and they do their performance. The crowd gets excited when the ghosts appear. A couple of music executives are impressed. Carrie looks annoyed at their successful performance. Andi, a music executive, introduces herself to Julie but then her father shows up to cut their meeting short, ruining the opportunity.

Episode 6, “Finally Free”, deflates slightly with the momentum in the story as the series reaches the halfway point.

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