Julie and the Phantoms season 1, episode 8 recap – “Unsaid Emily” Unfinished business.



“Unsaid Emily” the penultimate chapter, feels like a filler that could have easily been squeezed into the finale.

This recap of Netflix’s Julie and the Phantoms season 1, episode 8, “Unsaid Emily” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Alex remembers the time before they died and how the band were super pumped about performing at Orpheum. He tells Willie how unfortunate the situation is. Willie is apologetic about it all. Alex claims that their “Unfinished business” was playing at the Orpheum.

Rejecting Nick

Nick asks Julie if she’d like to go on a date with him. She awkwardly says no and admits she likes someone else. Flynn is judgemental about her rejection of Nick for someone who doesn’t actually exist — Luke. Julie expresses how she has a connection with Luke. Flynn tells Julie to make him a song. Very mixed signal from Flynn — one minute she’s for Julie’s crush on Luke and next minute she’s against it.

Sharing Luke’s song

Luke catches Julie at his parent’s house. She’s been spying on him as she’s worried about him. Luke presses the doorbell and Luke’s father answers. Julie gives him a song that Luke wrote and she’s invited into the house. The song is about Emily, Luke’s mother. It’s an emotional moment for Luke’s parents.

We’ll cross over

Afterward, Luke tells Julie that they have unfinished business and that they need to play at Orpheum. Luke opens up about the flickering after what Caleb did to them. Luke talks about how they will “cross over” once they carry out their unfinished business. Julie is upset about this revelation, realizing she’s going to lose her band. Flynn speaks to Julie later and brings a theory that Julie’s mother was a fan of the band after finding a band t-shirt in the house that she’s never seen before. Flynn believes this is a sign to help let them go.

The ending

Julie meets the ghosts and tells them to get their act together — she encourages them to find a way to play at the Orpheum so they can finally cross over. She’s ready to help them as we reach the finale. Julie and the Phantoms Episode 8, “Unsaid Emily”, the penultimate chapter, feels like a filler that could have easily been squeezed into the finale.

Additional points
  • Carlos believes the house is haunted by a talented chef.

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