The Idhun Chronicles season 1, episode 2 recap – what happened in “You’re not ready yet”?

September 10, 2020
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“You’re Not Ready Yet” shows the naivety from Jack as he begins to discover more about this new world. There’s plenty of danger still posed in the series which makes for a thrilling story.

This recap of Netflix anime series The Idhun Chronicles season 1, episode 2, “You’re not ready yet” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

The Idhun Chronicles Episode 2 starts with Victoria. Her friends find her weird for not having time to ever go out. A man nearby accidentally pushes her in the way of a train and she has no choice but to use her powers. With a wrecked train, the man apologises. Victoria runs off. While on a train, she senses Kirtash is on it and gets off. She goes on another train but Kirtash keeps following her. Eventually, she gets rid of him. The start of “You’re Not Ready Yet” shows just how much danger Kirtash poses.

Did they follow you?

Victoria gets home and hugs her grandmother feeling upset at what just happened. The grandmother wants to know if Kirtash followed her here. There’s a slight hint that the grandmother knows more than she’s letting on.

Training Jack

Alsan starts training Jack with wooden swords. He shows him the weapons room that holds the best swords from the Heroes of Idhun. Jack asks why they don’t use guns but Alsan does not like using them. Later on, Jack overhears the others talking of the threat to Victoria’s family.

Reassuring Victoria

Jack speaks to Victoria about it. She doesn’t want to go back home — Shail and Alsan have warned her that she’s under threat by Kirtash. Jack reassures her and they share a hug. These two characters are starting a warm friendship.

You’re not ready yet

Jack then asks her who Lunnaris is. She doesn’t want to speak to him about it. Shail comes downstairs and alerts that the Soul has detected Kirtash. As Jack gets prepared, Alsan tells him that he is not ready to fight yet. When Jack argues, Alsan slaps him and states he isn’t useful dead. Alsan and Shail head out via the Soul, leaving Victoria and Jack behind.

A brief fight

Meanwhile, Elrion and Kirtash attack a couple of people with their powers. Alsan and Shail show up to fight. Shail is mortified that they are killing peaceful people in Idhun. The fight is short-lived and Alsan and Shail disappear.

Healing Shail

When they return, Shail has been hurt from the fight. Victoria uses her healing powers on Shail and it seems to have worked. Victoria tells Jack that she’s half a magician and she wishes she was more like Ayshel — she shows the statue of the heroine who fought the Sheks. She talks of how they try to gather all the exiled magicians to keep them safe in Limbhad but they can’t trace them through the Soul.

The ending

Jack talks to the Soul and asks for the whereabouts of Kirtash. The Soul locates him and Jack watches. Kirtash is talking to Elrion about a book but Kirtash senses that Jack is watching. Elrion rubbishes Kirtash’s claims that they were being spied on. The Idhun Chronicles season 1, episode 2 shows the naivety from Jack as he begins to discover more about this new world. There’s plenty of danger still posed in the series which makes for a thrilling story.

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