The Idhun Chronicles season 1, episode 3 recap – what happened in “The staff of Ayshel”?

September 10, 2020
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“The staff of Ayshel” raises the stakes as the characters come to terms with what Kirtash is trying to achieve.

This recap of Netflix anime series The Idhun Chronicles season 1, episode 3, “The staff of Ayshel” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Jack wakes up after his ordeal of using the Soul to spy on Kirtash. Alsan and Shail are not happy with him for putting them at risk — Alsan tells Jack that he cannot confront Kirtash on his own. Jack apologises for being so stupid. He then tells Victoria about the book Elrion and Kirtash and draws the building they were at.

You progress fast

Jack continues to train so he can improve as quickly as possible. Alsan tells him he learns very fast and that he’s the best student he’s ever had but that he’s become too obsessed with Kirtash. Victoria gives similar advice, telling Jack to take his time. The Idhun Chronicles Episode 3 sees Jack being humbled rather quickly; he was clearly rushing to be a hero in the previous episode.


On the internet, Victoria finds the building Jack saw — it’s the British Library in London. The pair thinks it’s possible that Kirtash got his book from there. The website is talking about the book that was left in a vase. They enlarge the image of the book and Shail is alarmed that it may be the Book of the Third Age. The Third Age was a time where magic was banned and magicians were hunted down. They then bring up the Staff of Ayshel and Shail is worried that Kirtash figures out how to use it. The group decides to investigate.

Finding a copy

They head back to Earth and go to the British Library. The Ancient Professor Peter Parrell is worried about where the book has gone. Elrion and Kartish appear and asks for copies of the book. They kill the professor. Jack and the group check out the professor’s office. They cannot find any information on the book. The villains continue to be one step ahead of the characters it seems.


A memory stick is found and the copy of the Book of the Third Age is on there. The group head back and try and decipher the copy. Shail feels the sentence regarding the staff is incomplete. Suddenly a blast of energy comes from the Soul and it shows the staff is in Africa.

The ending

So they head to Africa, walking along the desert in the searing heat. They meet Kopt who is safeguarding the Staff. His clan has protected it for generations so he is understandably on edge but allows the group to see it. As they walk into a cave, Victoria senses a trap and believes that Kirtash has already been here.

When they reach the end of the cave, Kirtash is there and Alsan looks to be in a bad way. Jack tries fighting but Kirtash destroys his sword. Kirtash is about to kill Jack but Victoria uses the staff to protect him — she realizes that Kirtash cannot use the staff because he isn’t a half magician. Kirtash believes that can be fixed — Victoria promises to join Kirtash with the staff if he lets Alsan go. The Idhun Chronicles season 1, episode 3, “The staff of Ayshel” raises the stakes as the characters come to terms with what Kirtash is trying to achieve.

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