The Duchess season 1, episode 2 recap — negotiations over the donor Shep sets his terms.



Episode 2 sees Katherine deal with legal agreements and a near-death experience for a friend in another hilarious chapter.

This recap of Netflix’s The Duchess season 1, episode 2 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Bev tells Katherine that his partner fell asleep while sucking him off. She’s wondering if he’s cheating. Katherine hints that it may be over. She then reveals she’s keeping Evan around but she’s having Shep’s baby because it makes practical sense. We know instantly that this is going to slap her right back in the face. It’s funny but obvious comedy.

Donor rules

While on a night out with Evan, Katherine takes a detour to speak to Shep. He tries to make it into a legal conversation which frustrates Katherine. Shep tries to set an agenda and also set a fee. He also wants the conception done via sex with role play — Shep suggests they pretend they are meeting for the first time again so they aren’t revolted by each other. Katherine is clearly annoyed with these suggestions and leaves.


Katherine has arranged a playdate between Olive and Millie so that they can be friends. Bev questions why Katherine shares a bed with her daughter like sisters. Katherine plans for Evan to stay in her daughter’s room, which is weird. Meanwhile, Evan is happy with the progress he’s making with Katherine — he’s clearly stayed around and hoped for it to get better and there’s an air of “hopeless romantic” surrounding him.

You had sex?!

At school, Millie’s mother wants to draw a line under everything and she seems happy that Millie and Olive are getting along. Later, Olive asks Katherine if she had sex with her father to create her. She’s angry that her mother lied and doesn’t trust her anymore as she believes she was conceived via a fertility clinic using her father’s sperm. Evan walks through the door and Millie accuses her mother of having sex with someone else before storming off. This is clearly a dysfunctional mother/daughter relationship.

Strange sex

When Olive is asleep, Evan and Katherine start to hook up but then she stops and claims she’s on her period. She offers a ******* instead. They are doing all this in Olive’s bedroom which isn’t the best for the mood. Katherine then changes her mind and wants sex but then she asks Evan to stop again and asks him to finish on her. It’s a strange scene as Evan is struggling to keep it sexy as Katherine seems rather unaware of how off-putting she is being.

The ending

Katherine meets Bev in the hospital who has had a procedure. She pours her a glass of champagne. Bev gets pain in her chest and starts choking aggressively and is struggling to breathe. Katherine is extremely worried about her. Due to the plastic surgery procedure, Bev suffered from an embolism. Olive asks her mother why Bev didn’t have a good doctor. Katherine is dressing in black despite Bev still being alive — she’s shocked that Bev died briefly. Olive tells her mother to never move fat around her body.

Katherine agrees to the terms of Shep’s agreement despite being arch-enemies. The Duchess Episode 2 sees Katherine deal with legal agreements and a near-death experience for a friend in another hilarious chapter.

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