Signs season 2, episode 1 recap – it’s back and everyone is miserable

September 16, 2020
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Signs returns with a typically morbid opener as we learn that absolutely nobody is doing well — and everyone is about to be doing a whole lot worse.

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Signs returns with a typically morbid opener as we learn that absolutely nobody is doing well — and everyone is about to be doing a whole lot worse.

This recap of Signs season 2, episode 1 contains spoilers. 

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After a recap of the first season’s events narrated by Nina — psst, ours is better — we’re reminded of just how bonkers Signs got by the end. That’s pretty ideal for a second season, especially since Nina claims at the end of her recap that time stopped, and she died. You’d think that’d affect one’s ability to narrate, but I guess not.

So, we open properly with some recovered wartime footage depicting a Nazi shootout and the offloading of a sealed box, which is ominous. Remember, Nazi treasure became a factor late on in the first season. Looks like we’re tugging on that thread here.

Trela, it turns out, still smokes just as much — perhaps more so that Nina is now missing. Roman is back, humbly begging forgiveness from the Lord, though predictably getting nothing in response.

Krzysztof Sobczyk and Ada are working together and bitching about Trela, the former obviously keeping pretty quiet about his involvement in Nina’s disappearance and presumed death, although he’s careful to pin the blame on the late Dzikowski, just to cover his tracks. Agata is living with her father in relative poverty, which she’s naturally fuming about, but he’s adamant that winning the election will turn their fortunes around. We’ll see about that.

Speaking of which, Antoni is approached by a man called Twerski, a representative of an American consulting company who’d like to help him with his campaign by throwing money at it. He claims not to need any help, especially help that comes with strings attached, which this inevitably would. There’s a second candidate now, though, which should be cause for concern, but apparently not for Antoni.

Blazej is still around, though not doing well, stealing things from a job he’s clearly resentful of, working alongside colleagues who apparently laugh at him. Jonasz is doing better, running some kind of chemistry lab underneath his compound. Robert is working there; Agata goes to see him for help with their dad given his current predicament after the mine cave-in. Agata steals the drugs from his pocket that he already stole from Jonasz, so it’s nice to see this family is as well-adjusted as ever.

Zofia is looking after Antoni, mostly, feeding him sorrel soup like a baby despite his hands working just fine.

Ada finds Trela passed out in his truck and drives him home, which is her house since he’s still living with her despite their strained relationship. She’s been trying to cover for him at work, but all he’s interested in doing is putting up posters, drinking, and getting Sobczyk to give him lifts. That takes a turn, though, when Sobczyk insists that he needs to clean up his act because Nina is dead and she isn’t coming back. He’d be the one to know, of course, but Trela doesn’t take it well, to put things mildly.

Blazej is running for mayor. He meets Kaja, a pretty blonde woman who alongside Twerski, represents the consultancy firm that’ll fund Blazej’s campaign throughout the season. This will become more important and result in some funny stuff, so more on that in subsequent episodes. For now, we’re left to enjoy more footage of Nazis opening boxes.

Remember, Roman is suspicious of Sobczyk, and here sneaks around his house. He hides in the back of his truck, which goes out to the cabin in the woods where Dorota is, and where a hidden cellar door covered in foliage leads to… somewhere. When Sobczyk drives Dorota back to the farm, Roman stays behind to investigate.

This is probably how Nina, looking rather worse for wear, finds herself stumbling down the road just as Zofia is driving along it. This scene is set up in such a way that we’re to believe Zofia has found her, but she hasn’t — she’s actually found a little girl wandering alone who she believes is her dead daughter, Laura. This is the child of the couple we saw smoking weed and getting into a bit of a kerfuffle earlier in the episode. Those two and indeed the kid will become very important as things go on.

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