Signs season 1, episode 4 recap – it’s always the Nazis

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 22, 2020 (Last updated: November 23, 2023)
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Signs season 1, episode 4 recap -


Signs episode 4 takes a surprising turn by suggesting a secret Nazi plot is at play, while some leads turn up in the investigation into Laura and Patrycja’s deaths.

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Blazej returns home in Signs episode 4, and since he has a legal right to be there, Ada doesn’t have a leg to stand on when she tries to deny him access. On the subject of returns, Martyna is out of the hospital, still looking a little worse for wear, and still attracting the attention of Agata’s boyfriend, Radek, who is rightly sick of her nonsense. She tells him he can always get a new girlfriend. Perhaps he will.

Things aren’t that easy for Trela and Ada, though, since the case is still on-going and leads are still scarce. There’s also a new priest in town, Roman Smigielski, here to replace Father Wincenty, and he seems particularly interested in the very pious Emil, aka Krzysztof, and wants to get to know the place better. A very knowledgeable tour guide can be arranged, apparently, though it’s presently a bit of a mystery how this new arrival fits into current goings-on.

While Zofia is out, Jonasz pokes around her place. She has a candlelit remembrance room that’s surely a pretty major fire hazard. Meanwhile, Trela and Ada go to see Targosz about some suspicious cash withdrawals that have come up despite his thorough wiping of Patrycja’s laptop and phone. He claims it absolutely was not him who withdrew the funds, but Trela knows better and pushes him into revealing that it was in fact him who withdrew the cash. He thinks he might need his lawyer before revealing what the purpose was. He’s probably right.

Narrowly avoiding a returning Zofia, Jonasz continues to investigate the property and finds some suspicious documents in an adjoining barn that he takes photographs of. Nina, meanwhile, has volunteered to help out Kasia; Krzysztof, who for some reason is looking increasingly suspicious, is to take her there. He invites her to the tour he’s giving the new priest. Nina helps Kasia with her homework and discovers a packed holdall that she thinks means she’s planning on running away.

Targosz tells the Mayor that the police know about the money and that he was the one who made the withdrawals. He has no alibi. Since the remains were all dumped in the lake, the Mayor’s confident the police have no evidence. He also ensures that Agata gets accepted back at the boxing gym, which she’s exceedingly smug about.

Trela and Ada continue to go over the case files, discussing Laura’s boyfriend, who was in jail at the time of her murder, explaining why there were never any interviews with him. Ada explains how he went to prison for sexual assault but is free now, holed up at Jonasz’s farm. Nina interrupts and informs them that before she died, Patrycja was planning a trip with Kasia, hence the packed bag.

In the church, Roman discovers a hidden collection of musty tomes that match Father Wincenty’s handwriting. Ada also makes a discovery of her own — that Laura’s boyfriend, Robert, received a parking ticket when he was supposed to be in jail, thus collapsing his alibi.

Dzikowski has Blazej spying on Ada and Trela; he thinks he should be the one to catch the killer as Trela can’t be relied upon not to finger Blazej, whom Dzikowski claims to know is innocent. But it’s important that he knows the full story between Blazej and Patrycja, who explains how she wanted to run away together so they could start a new life — something he wasn’t down for since he apparently still loved his wife. They apparently buried a healthy sum of cash which he claims should still be there.

Trela and Ada confront the Mayor about his son being out on bail at the time of the murder, but the Major claims not to have a son — he also says he hopes he dies on the farm, confirming that he does indeed have a son, but details, I suppose. This raises the obvious question of why Dzikowski never interviewed Robert at the time.

Jonasz takes the photos he snapped to a local history buff who says they look like plans for some kind of device, though he can’t say what, other than the fact they’re incomplete and go back to Nazi Germany; he explains how the Nazis, believing the mountains were safe due to their inaccessibility to Allied bombers, put 30,000 prisoners to the task of building a subterranean command center there. It doesn’t take Signs season 1, episode 4 long to reveal where the rest of the plans are: Agata’s boyfriend Radek has them, having dug them up with the rest of the trinkets he and his father have been valuing. Martyna summons Radek to the lake, where they kiss.

This installment ends with Dzikowski and Blazej heading out to the remote spot in the woods where the hidden money should be. Lo and behold, it’s missing, meaning that whoever stole the money is also the murderer.

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