Signs season 2, episode 8 recap – not exactly an ending maybe next time

September 17, 2020
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Signs‘ second season bows out having raised more questions than it answered in a typically inconclusive finale. Maybe next time.

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Signs‘ second season bows out having raised more questions than it answered in a typically inconclusive finale. Maybe next time.

This recap of Signs season 2, episode 8 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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After spending all season wandering, Eliza and the Professor finally sit in front of Trela. He and Ada interview them, asking for details of what happened in the woods. The Professor confesses to driving under the influence, protecting Eliza. Trela and Ada know he’s lying, and they intensify the questioning, but neither will budge. The topic comes around to what they’ve been doing for the last two weeks, which seems to be news to both of them. They think it happened yesterday.

Kaja and Twerski toast to their impending win while Blazej is still being held captive and Ada retrieves the tire iron, taking it home and hiding it while playing nice with Trela. He seems to think he’s off the hook despite Ada behaving abnormally, which is a rookie mistake on his part. When he leaves, Ada bags up his coffee mug, presumably for DNA comparison purposes.

Antoni is pretty down in the dumps playing Watch Dogs: Legion (come on! He’s the least likely character to be playing it!), but he and Jonasz come up with the idea of publically staging a miracle — Jonasz heals Antoni so that he can walk again, which Twerski is obvious fuming about. Perhaps the election race isn’t over after all. As it happens, Blazej is ahead, barely, and Kaja and Twerski celebrate by wearing sexy outfits — well, she does — and noisily eating melon in candlelight. But the next morning, it’s announced that Antoni won, and Twerski celebrates that by socking Kaja right in the mouth. He then goes and beats on Blazje a little, explaining he’ll deal with him after dealing with Antoni, who’s fishing in victory with Jonasz.

Kaja and Twerski break into the police station by faking a noise complaint to lure Ada and another officer out and sabotaging their vehicle to leave them stranded. They venture into the tunnels underneath the station, where they attempt to blow the walls through with explosives. Kaja gets caught in the blast, which leaves her guts on the outside of her body. (I couldn’t quite tell if Twerski had a second detonator here and blew her up on purpose?).

Either way, there’s a symbol on the wall of the tunnel, but seemingly nothing else, which puzzles Trela and Ada when they investigate the break-in afterward. They emerge to find Antoni poking around and making unsubtle threats about the longevity of Trela’s career, especially with how many people are dying — including, apparently, Eliza and the Professor. You can add another name to that tally, since by the time Twerski makes it into the woods, Kaja has expired.

Twerski heads back to Feliks’s place and holds him at gunpoint. He’s fuming since there was nothing at the precinct. While Ada receives a call confirming Trela’s DNA and fingerprints match those on the murder weapon, Trela goes to see Eliza and the professor at the morgue, where he’s told that they seem to have died of natural causes — at least two weeks ago. Just what on earth is going on here?

Anyway, let’s add more names to the list of casualties. Feliks leads Twerski into the woods and shoots him dead. Meanwhile, Nina slashes Dorota’s throat after finessing her way into being allowed to cut her hair. She returns home to tell Trela they need to leave, but Ada interrupts to tell him she found the wrench and knows he killed Sobczyk. The police arrive, presumably to take him away, but when Ada answers the door to buy him a little time, they explain they’re there for Nina.

In a collection of closing scenes, we see Feliks clutch his medallion, his job done, for now at least; Roman goes to see Eliza’s corpse; Blazej screams his lungs out, but nobody is there to hear him, and Zofia watches the footage on Eliza’s dashcam of that disfigured Nazi we’ve heard so much about. Well, I guess there’s going to be a third season, in that case.

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  • June 19, 2021 at 8:20 pm

    I just want to know who’s Ada’s child’s father. We never saw a storyline with her and Trela having a romantic relationship. This show is all sorts of confusing.

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