Signs season 2, episode 7 recap – so that’s what happened

September 17, 2020
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The penultimate episode provides some important context as we finally witness a much talked-about event and pick up the pace going into the finale.

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The penultimate episode provides some important context as we finally witness a much talked-about event and pick up the pace going into the finale.

This recap of Signs season 2, episode 7 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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This episode opens with a shocking scene, as we finally see Eliza and the Professor hit and kill Kasia with their car. Her bike is mangled and it, along with her, topples off the bridge. We saw this scene earlier — “It was an accident, please help me,” — but without the context. Now we know what happened, even though Trela has speculated about it pretty accurately. Together, they carry her from underneath the bridge to the grave they were heading to in the first place, which is nearby. Well, the professor carries her, and evidently hates every second of it, as Eliza gives him a worthless “I love you”.

Split-screen is deployed again here — first when Eliza and the professor hit Kasia, and now when Eliza leaves her child unattended and Feliks enters the grave. Again, I’m not sure it’s necessary. We see Eliza dump the bike into the creek, see her and Feliks both weave through the trees, protector, and potential imposter. Feliks finds their abandoned vehicle, empty except for the baby.

Back in the now, Trela is still traipsing through the woods. He finds a knife there and takes it back to Ada at the station, fuming. Ada doesn’t think a mother would have left her child like that, so her body is probably in the forest, hidden — like Sobczyk’s. Speaking of which, the red dirt she’s found suggests he didn’t die where they found him, and she intends to look into it.

Meanwhile, Kaja and Twerski debate what to do about Blazej. He wants to just throw money at Blazej, but Kaja has rightly deduced that this is about his ex-wife — she tells Twerski to call a conference, so she obviously has something cooking.

The red dirt leads Ada to the burned-down shed. She makes her way to the cellar and goes inside, where she finds the manacles and the rotten food and Nina’s name scratched into the wooden wall — evidence of her captivity.

Blajez wants a divorce. He tells Kaja this, quite smugly to be honest, and he pays for it. She says she’ll give him one once he wins the election, which he isn’t satisfied with, but as he turns away she bottles him. Hell hath no fury, and all that. Later, she holds the conference and speaks about how the support of the people convinced her husband that the town needs him. She also excuses his absence, claiming that Blazej was assaulted in his home, and intimating that Antoni was to blame since the assault occurred right after his ratings increased. (Wasn’t he miles ahead anyway?) She also says she didn’t report it to the police since, like most of the town, they don’t trust Commissioner Trela. Meanwhile, she has Blazej hostage.

Zofia, having evidently lost it, kidnaps Eliza’s baby again, believing her to be Laura. She’s also carrying around a toy cat that plays Felik’s voice when you squeeze it.

Ada goes to see Jonasz. She has figured out what happened to Sobczyk, and that Dorota brought him the murder weapon. One also suspects that she has figured out it’s Trela who’s responsible, but she doesn’t confirm that at this point. She wants the weapon.

Trela brings Feliks in for questioning and shows him the talking cat. He says he never killed anyone, but there are things Trela doesn’t understand. He explains finding the car with the child in the back. In a flashback, we see him wiping all traces of his presence from the vehicle. He wanted to call the police but there was no reception. He took the girl. The pacifier Trela found at his place was hers. She unwittingly recorded him with her toy. Feliks wanted to take her to the precinct, but he gave her to Zofia, who claimed she’d take the girl to Trela. Trela wants to keep Feliks in custody nonetheless until his story can be verified by Zofia.

Speaking of Zofia, she has a breakdown and goes to retrieve Father Roman.

When Nina gets home from torturing Dorota at the hospital, Ada sits her down and shows her the photos she took of the basement where she was held captive. Ada asks if it was Trela who let her out, but she says to leave her dad out of it. Trela arrives in the nick of time to interrupt. The way Ada is behaving around him doesn’t suggest she thinks Trela killed him, although she says she has evidence that says he did. She claims not to know what to do now and he kisses her, telling her she knows exactly what to do.

Ada arrives at Jonasz’s compound with a warrant, since he didn’t hand the murder weapon over, but we see Richard taking it away.

Roman staggers around with a bloody nose and later collapses. We see a close-up of a phone regaining its signal as we see Eliza and the professor in the background of the shot as Roman lays still.

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