Signs season 2, episode 6 recap – forgive me father

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 17, 2020 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Signs season 2, episode 6 recap - forgive me father


We’re very much approaching the finale now as Trela ventures into the woods, and sins are confessed to before they’re even committed.

This recap of Signs season 2, episode 6 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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A heavily pregnant Eliza does more Nazi research in the opening of this episode, and I guess we’re going to find out all about that box we saw the Germans open eventually. Until then, in the present day, Nina is asleep on the floor outside of Sobczyk’s woodland cellar, and Trela is led to Pawel’s dangling corpse. One of the other attending officers is spewing his guts all over the floor, which seems strange to Trela, especially in this town where everybody seems to die quite horribly. The reason why is soon made clear: Kasia’s corpse is in a nearby hollowed-out tree trunk.

Zofia, meanwhile, is rapidly losing touch with reality, and a persistent nosebleed seems a bit of a giveaway that something’s up. Agata isn’t in good condition either. She’s still in the hospital, and Antoni’s insistence that he’s going to win the election and she has nothing to worry about doesn’t hold much water. When she asks him to cut the sh*t and admit they’ve lost, at least he does. Least he could do, really.

The pathologist tells Trela — after some coercing — that Pawel definitely killed himself and that Kasia probably died by falling from a great height, although Trela asks if she could have been hit by a car, which is indeed a possibility. Father and daughter lay next to each other, rotting, and Trela imagines Kasia as being Nina, which prompts him to leave in a rush.

Blazej goes to see Ada at work, where he takes her flowers and rifles through her things. He deduces she’s pregnant immediately and asks if Trela is the father, so she throws him right out. Somehow, he’s the one who’s annoyed.

Going through other people’s correspondence is a habit for people in this town, it seems. Roman’s letters from Eliza are also turned up, which prompts another flashback, this time to Eliza visiting what seems to be an ailing Nazi. While she’s there, her waters break. Local women help to deliver the child on the floor while the Nazi shouts at her to look for the treasure in Gotthard’s grave. It’s just like my own daughter’s birth, although the shouting Nazi there was my father-in-law.

Jonasz goes to see Antoni. He needs assistance, so he proposes a deal. If he gets Dorota out, Antoni will win the election. Jonasz isn’t clear on how exactly he’ll facilitate that, but at this point, it shouldn’t be difficult to convince Antoni of anything.

At the station, Trela lays out how the tourists in their car hit Kasia, hid her body, and then fled — but where, and why?

Blazej goes to see Jonasz, who shows him the tire iron Trela beat Sobczyk to death with. He says he’ll give it to him after the election. He arrives flustered for a public debate with Antoni. The older man gives the opening speech, disparaging Blazej and his history, and his support from people who nobody knows. In response, Blazje publicly withdraws from the election, much to the consternation of Kaja and Twerski, who’re front and center.

Trela heads back into the woods with a map, and close to the location where Kasia was found, he spots Feliks roaming around. He enters a cave where he finds Gotthard’s grave.

As it turns out, Blazej quitting only helped his campaign, since it made everyone trust his honesty. They want someone like that in power. Antoni, in his anger, gets up and walks for his own beer. So, has been able-bodied all this time, or has his anger caused some kind of miraculous healing? I’m betting the former, personally.

Blazej then turns up on Ada’s doorstep to apologize for his earlier outburst and asks to feel her belly. He reminds her that this is what they always dreamed of and she throws him out, but not before he asks her if she’s proud to carry the child of a murderer.

Feliks goes to see Roman to confess his sins, claiming it’s a matter of life and death. He’s confessing to sins he hasn’t yet committed; apparently he’ll have many souls on his conscience, including Roman and his housekeeper. He says that Roman visited the grave he is guarding, and if anyone else goes there, blood will be spilled. Amen.

Ada finds the same red soil on her floor as on Trela’s tires. Trela makes his way through the woods following arrows carved into trees. Nina is taking care of Dorota at the hospital where she’s being held. We see an arm and a hand (Eliza?) carving the arrows, which is where the episode ends, very much building towards the finale now.

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