Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous season 1, episode 4 recap and breakdown It's time for Rex!



Episode 4 finally gives the audience some real dinosaur action as the group are in genuine danger.

This recap of Netflix’s Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous season 1, episode 4, “Things Fall Apart” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

A flashback shows Darius talking about dinosaurs with his father. They had a shared passion. His father clearly has a health condition. In the present day, Darius looks at a photo of him and his father. Darius’s love for dinosaurs has an emotional extension in the story.

Leaving the kids

Roxie and Dave need to leave the camp and talk to their boss which means leaving the kids on their own. Darius is pumped the next day but the rest of the group are tired from the events of the previous day with the Gyrospheres disaster. They read a note from Roxie and Dave that suggests some indoor activities for them. Like that was ever going to happen!


Brooklynn is annoyed that someone has stolen her phone. She implies that Sammy has something to do with it. Yasmina stands up for her. They suddenly hear dinosaurs so they want to explore. On the radio, there’s a warning that a dinosaur has left containment.

An asset has escaped

While out on the watchtower, a couple of park staff members warn them that a dinosaur is out of containment. Suddenly, an Indominus Rex comes out of nowhere and eats the staff members — some violence at last! Rex then heads for them. Sammy nearly falls off and they have to pull her up. The group use the zip lines to escape but they stop moving. Darius manages to get them all moving.

Plans with dad

Another flashback emerges of Darius speaking to his father in the hospital about a new dinosaur. He’s excited about going to Jurassic World with his father and insists that he’s going to get better.

The ending

In the present day, Darius wakes up in the middle of the jungle. The group are all trapped and they need to run back to camp. They reach wreckage and many of the camp workers must have gotten away but some of them have been hurt. The group accept that they are on their own.

Brooklynn tells Sammy to give her phone back and states she doesn’t care about the samples she took. Sammy denies everything. The group feel defeated but Darius tells them all that they are not giving up. The group are inspired by his speech and they keep on walking. Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous season 1, episode 4 finally gives the audience some real dinosaur action as the group are in genuine danger.

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