Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous season 1, episode 5 recap and breakdown Evading Rex.



Episode 5 continues the action as the danger increases for the group as they have to smartly evade Rex.

This recap of Netflix’s Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous season 1, episode 5, “Happy Birthday, Eddie!” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Darius and the group continue lurking through the jungle wary of the dangers that can arrive. Ben is very on edge and Brooklynn is still getting angry about the phone. Darius seems to know where they are and they find more broken, ripped down fences. Indominus and Toro are causing havoc.

Don’t forget Roxie and David

Roxie and David are meeting their boss but the meeting is delayed. Roxie is suspicious and they’ve been waiting for so long, they’ve been given a birthday card to sign for a guy called Eddie. They open up a cupboard full of radios and they can hear chaos from the camp. This is way more serious than previously thought.

Leave Bumpy behind

Darius and the group agree to go to the lab but Ben doesn’t want to leave a little dinosaur behind named Bumpy that came from the lab. The group tells him that the dinosaur is too slow but Ben refuses to give up on it. Sammy finds a radio and tries to communicate with Roxie and David. Brooklynn finds a datapad that has a map of where all the dinosaurs are. Darius thinks that loads of fences have been taken down.

Genetics lab

The group all head into a van as they hear Indominus heading their way. It runs after the van as Kenji drives them away. The group manages to get into the genetics lab. One of the scientists named Eddie in there is really scared — it was also his birthday so this is a terrible day for him. Darius asks the scientist what the plan is and the man laughs maniacally claiming they are doomed. He states that Dr. Wu got greedy and created monsters. Episode 5 presents the corporate greed that has put ambition over human lives at the park — a running theme that’s always in the story.

The ending

Eddie runs to their vehicle and drives off without them. Indominus smashes the vehicle over and eats Eddie — happy birthday! The group now feels trapped by a fence that is still intact. Darius scopes out the area and finds another vehicle. They all silently move towards it as they evade Indominus. As they run towards the vehicle, Brooklynn falls over and makes a noise, and Indominus goes after them. Darius creates a distraction and eventually, they all drive off.

Roxie radios the group and Darius explains that they are heading to them. As they continue to drive, the vehicle goes over a bump and Brooklynn’s phone drops out of Sammy’s pocket. Everyone sees that Sammy has the phone but then they crash. Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous season 1, episode 5 continues the action as the danger increases for the group as they have to smartly evade Rex.

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