The School Nurse Files episode 2 recap – breaking a strong bond Good friends cannot be tethered together.



The School Nurse Files episode 2 continues the craziness, continuing an imaginative plot as Ahn Eun-young and Hong In-pyo learn new knots and try and break the tether between two students.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series The School Nurse Files episode 2 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Ahn Eun-young tries to help the students on the roof, screaming for them all to get down. She hits Seung-gwon with her sword and he immediately falls to the floor. She then proceeds to hit the other student and they all fall down as well. We have to assume the sword has special powers. This isn’t stopping the other kids going crazy as Hong In-pyo learns when he gets out of the basement. There’s another earthquake and the hole in the ground gets bigger.

Wait, a large monster? What?

Suddenly, a large monster breaches the hole. Ahn Eun-young uses a toy BB gun to shoot it and it seems to work. Ahn Eun-young keeps shooting and eventually, the monster disappears and all the students return back to normal. Hong In-pyo makes it to the roof. The monster returns and starts trying to inhale the students. At this point, we can assume no-one else can see this monster apart from Ahn Eun-young. Everyone is now stuck to the fence.

At this point, we can all rejoice and take in this crazy, random moment that was unexpected. Episode 2 goes insane but… it’s still entertaining somehow.

The power of the BB gun

Hong In-pyo ends up on the fence and Ahn Eun-young holds his hand and feels this new power. Ahn Eun-young shoots it with her BB gun again which looks extra powerful. The monster swallows the energy that Ahn Eun-young shoots at it and it explodes into loads of multi-colored love heart jellies. The madness stops and Eun-young looks relieved.

This was hectic, dramatic, and imaginative — it’s difficult to still gauge what is going on.

Back to normal

Sung A-ra sits next to Seung-gwon and apologizes for being late. They both laugh and smile at each other. Around the school, Seung-gwon’s replica versions of himself dissolve into jelly and into the floor again. On the news, it’s reported as an earthquake.


Hong In-pyo tells Ahn Eun-young what the Apji stone said. This experience has made them closer acquaintances. At night, one of the students steals from the school — she’s named Heo Wan-su she and tells her friend Kang Min-u that she never gets caught because she’s lucky. Kang Min-u states he always gets caught.

The curly hair

During the day, Hong In-pyo notes that Wan-su and Min-u spend a lot of time together which sparks Ahn Eun-young’s curiosity. During acupuncture, Ahn Eun-young talks about how it isn’t good for two friends to be tethered to each other — she is desperate to resolve it. The acupuncturist suggests it’s because of their curly hair. During class, Sung A-ra tells Kang Min-u to shave his curly hair on Ahn Eun-young’s orders, however, this hasn’t changed anything — the jelly between them is even bigger. They are tethered together even stronger.

The exam

Min-su and Wan-su continue plotting together. Hong In-pyo keeps thinking of unconventional ideas to keep them apart. The next day, Hong In-pyo teaches Ahn Eun-young how to do a dragonfly knot. She wonders why he is teaching her this and seems upset. In an exam, Min-su and Wan-su keep a close eye on the time and click their pens to tell each other the answers using the clock. It’s an impressive way of working together. Another student messes with her pen that irritates Min-su.

The ending

In a bad dream, Ahn Eun-young remembers being at the school at night and the headmaster at the time creeps up behind her with the light sword and claims she doesn’t belong to this school.

The School Nurse Files episode 2 continues the craziness, continuing an imaginative plot as Ahn Eun-young and Hong In-pyo learn new knots and try and break the tether between two students.

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