The School Nurse Files episode 3 recap – revenge on the bullies A new enemy.



Episode 3 gives Ahn Eun-young an arch-enemy to add another dimension to this trippy story — there’s plenty of themes of dealing with bullies in the story and the questions of morals are raised.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series The School Nurse Files episode 3 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

At school, Ahn Eun-young carries the medical doll to a classroom to do 20-minute first aid training. A young student watches her from the doorway. When she opens the door, the student isn’t there. Suddenly, Ahn Eun-young is alerted to a class full of students; they all seem in pain. She tells Sung A-ra and the teacher to take the students who are not in pain, outside. She lectures them about cushion hunting.

Student pains

Ahn Eun-young looks down at one of the students who is made of jelly. She can hear herself when younger crying for her mother. She hits the ever-morphing jelly student and hits it with her sword. Loads of jelly hearts fly in the air. She checks the cushion Min-su was sitting on and she burns it and the contents inside.

Episode 3 opens up with a strange scene again with the experiences feeling almost trippy as the lead character navigates her strange world unbeknown to most around her.

Called into the nurse’s office

Min-su and Wan-su are still tethered together strongly. They are called into the nurse’s office. When they arrive in the office with Hong In-pyo, Ahn Eun-young hits both students with her light sword and they both collapse. Ahn Eun-young and Hong In-pyo want to tie their armpit hair together in the hope this will stop their tether.

Yes, this sounds bonkers, I know.


Ahn Eun-young continues to learn about dragonfly knots under the guidance of Hong In-pyo. One of the teachers, Mackenzie, passes by and asks why the nurse’s office is under construction. Ahn explains that she’s doing important surgery. She tells Hong In-pyo that both students should be awake by now. Hong In-pyo wonders if it’s right to sever their tether.

Episode 3 sees Hong In-pyo question the morality of what they are doing. It’s only just dawned on him that what they are doing is very strange.

Ahn Eun-young is not alone

It’s revealed that another teacher named Mackenzie in the school can see the jellies. He looks down into the basement and has a sinister look about him, backed by the dark music to support it.

A bullied kid

In the gym at the school, a kid named Ji-hyeong is bullied on the treadmill by his peers. He ends up seriously hurting himself. Mackenzie helps him up and tells him that schools are always sh*tty. He offers to do him a favor and asks him to think about it.

During acupuncture, Ahn Eun-young is told she has feelings for Hong In-pyo but she insists she will live alone. Back in school, Eun-young tends to Ji-hyeong’s wounds and asks how he got them on his face. He claims he tumbled on his own. Afterward, Hong In-pyo believes the basketball team bullied Ji-hyeong and he reveals he has quit. He wants to teach the team a lesson. Mackenzie runs towards Hong In-pyo to play soccer with them but he doesn’t want to — Ahn Eun-young sticks up for Hong In-pyo, stating that he can barely work. Ahn Eun-young realizes she now has competition — Mackenzie.

What a strange competition this is — a rivalry that’s difficult to imagine.

Ji-hyeong asks for his favor

She speaks to her acupuncturist about Mackenzie — he’s from America and they divulge into life — he’s from Happiness Safety Protection. The next day, Ji-hyeong speaks to Mackenzie. He tells him he wants to be back on the basketball team. Mackenzie gives him four items and tells him to place it in the bullies’ bags.

Ji-hyeong’s chance

Han A-reum invites Ahn Eun-young to a dinner with all the teachers. She doesn’t want to go but A-reum insists she should join. While in class, Hong In-pyo tells Ji-hyeong to pack his bags and leave —  three players of the basketball team and the captain were injured the night before. He’s asked to play in the latest game. While he plays, Mackenzie gives him powers in his soles so he plays better. Ji-hyeong slam dunks and the students go wild. Ahn Eun-young senses that Mackenzie is behind it.

The ending

Ahn Eun-young tells Hong In-pyo that she’s going to figure it out and she tells him to not touch anyone else but her. Ahn Eun-young confronts Mackenzie about what he’s doing and tells him to stop — she accuses him of trying to take the aura from Hong In-pyo. Mackenzie calls her a coward and takes her toy BB gun off her. Mackenzie chooses to antagonize her and walks off. As he drives off in a taxi, he throws a jelly at her and she has to quickly shoot it with her BB gun.

The School Nurse Files episode 3 gives Ahn Eun-young an arch-enemy to add another dimension to this trippy story — there’s plenty of themes of dealing with bullies in the story and the questions of morals are raised.

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