Emily in Paris season 1, episode 5 recap – what happened in “Faux Amis”?

October 2, 2020
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Episode 5 intensifies the story slightly to give it an edge.

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Episode 5 intensifies the story slightly to give it an edge.

This recap of Netflix’s Emily in Paris season 1, episode 5, “Faux Amis” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Emily tells Mindy that Gabriel has a girlfriend — Camille. Mindy tells her to act normal next time — Emily admits to really liking him. Camille then joins them at breakfast. Camille and Emily have a photo together and Mindy keeps making implied comments to make the situation awkward.

This is heating up rather quickly — it’s going to end in tears, isn’t it?

Cosmetics event

Emily has a potential client for a cosmetics brand but Sylvie asks her to focus on something else. She goes to an event to meet Olivia Thompson, a cosmetics brand entrepreneur. The event is all about who has more followers. The only way to get her attention is by posting on Instagram. Olivia sees Emily’s post and is impressed by her. She tells her they don’t have agencies but they use influencers. Emily and Olivia arrange lunch for the next day.

Forget about the kiss

On the way home, Camille invites Emily out with Gabriel. They head to a mural and Emily is finding it super awkward. Camille is distracted by a friend which leads Gabriel and Emily to talk about that kiss — Emily suggests that they forget about the kiss in the kitchen. They both make out that the kiss was not memorable.


Be an influencer

In a marketing meeting, Sylvie is struggling to impress with ideas for a client. Emily takes over the conversation and spits ideas. The client is impressed. Afterward, Emily meets Olivia at lunch and she offers her a role as Brand Ambassador. Emily tries to get Olivia back with the agency — she fired the agency in the past. Olivia doesn’t like Sylvie and tells Emily she can be better as an influencer and tells her to look after herself — “I know Sylvie won’t”.

At this point, the series throws Emily in a spin — should she leave the agency she is with for something better? The series is starting to pose questions.

Delete your account

Sylvie confronts Emily about going to the influencer event for Olivia. She says that Emily’s social media is a problem and that she should delete her account. Emily talks to Mindy about Sylvie’s request and she really doesn’t want to give up her social media. They decide to do one more story on Instagram and the pair get drunk and walk around Paris being silly.

Reactivate your account

Emily is drunk and Gabriel helps her back into the apartment building. Gabriel tells her that he felt it when they kissed. Emily smiles and walks off. The next day, Sylvie asks Emily to reactivate her social media account because their client wants her to post on a specific street she snapped on the night before — “You’re an influencer now”.

The ending

Camille tells Emily that she looked tense the other night and says Gabriel can be unfriendly sometimes. Gabriel sees a photo of Emily and Camille together on Instagram, smiles, and hits the like button.

Emily in Paris season 1, episode 5 intensifies the story slightly to give it an edge. It gives Emily some life-changing decisions and puts her in a precarious position with a love interest.

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