Ted Lasso season 1 finale explained – “The Hope That Kills You”

October 2, 2020
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No-one will grumble at a second season; the finale of Ted Lasso season 1 signs off the series in style and emotion as the football club learns their fate.

This recap of Apple TV+s Ted Lasso season 1, episode 10, “The Hope That Kills You” — the finale explained — contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Ted Lasso season 1, episode 10, “The Hope That Kills You”

We always knew Nate would start getting the credit he deserves…

Nate is introduced to the new clubhouse attendant and he thinks he has been fired. Rebecca then gives Nate a contract — he’s been promoted. The whole team comes in and celebrates with him. Ted gives him a whistle and announced him as Coach Nate.

Motivational video

And Nate is soon given his first task and it rallies the team. Of course, the series recognizes that Manchester City is a world-class team so the likelihood of beating them is slim.

Ted tells the team that they have Manchester City next and there’s a risk of relegation. Coach Nate shows them a video — it’s the ex-player Jamie criticizing his old club. One of the players smashes the TV. At the pub, the locals thank Ted and Coach Beard and assume they’ve already lost and got relegated. Ted asks where the hope is but the landlady says “it’s the hope that kills you”.

Chaos and confusion

it seems in the finale that Ted does not understand how much of a powerhouse City is.

Ted holds a meeting with Beard and Nate. Nate tells him there is no hope to beat Manchester City. Ted is annoyed at the pessimistic attitude. The next morning, Ted tells Rebecca that she’d have been better off getting a football manager and that she should fire him if it goes wrong. Rebecca tells Ted that he sees football differently to others and he should cause confusion and chaos.

Trick plays and mind games

So the narrative brings in the concept of a football coach trying to bring American football ideas to a different sport.

Ted brings his ideas to the team and talks about “Trick plays”. The team is on board and give different plays. Meanwhile, Jamie sees the coach Ted talking nicely about him in an interview. Jamie heads over to Keeley’s house and he sees Roy and he is surprised. He tells Keeley that Ted Lasso is playing mind games with him on the TV. Keeley tells him that Lasso does like him.


There’s nothing like enthusiasm and Ted gives his most American-like speech to date.

The game has arrived and the town is ready. Roy hands Isaac the captain’s armband and tells him to never stop breaking TVs. In the team talk, Ted talks about the phrase he doesn’t like — “It’s the hope that kills you”. Ted disagrees and says he believes in hope and that it’s a “lack of it” that kills you. He asks the team “Do you believe in miracles?”.

Let the games begin

And then the final match makes up for most of the Ted Lasso season 1 finale as expected.

Before the game begins, Ted wishes Jamie good luck which bugs him. In a funny moment, Ted still doesn’t understand the offside rule. The trick plays seem to be working but it’s still 0-0 at half time. During half time, the players want to see the Crystal Palace result to see if they need to beat Manchester City.

Roy is subbed on in the second half. Manchester City takes the lead in the second half. Jamie is through on goal at one point but Roy tackles him heroically. However, Roy is injured and the crowd is chanting his name as he gets up. Roy is subbed off with plenty of respect from the crowd — it’s a farewell moment and it’s sad. Roy heads into the changing room and he’s upset. Keeley approaches him in the changing room and comforts him.

Well, it’s the hope that kills you

Suddenly, there’s a commotion in the stands as Crystal Palace have won 6-0 — they just need a tie. The team announces the “Lasso Special”. It’s like an American football strategy and it confuses the City players. Richmond score to make it a tie. With all the jubilation the crowd forgets the game isn’t over; City score immediately and they win the game. Richmond are relegated. “You’ll Never Walk Alone” plays. On the TV, Ted Lasso says it was a hard loss to take. For the first time, Ted understands the gravity of the situation in football and he’s upset.

The ending

And as ever, Ted manages to bring the touching moments that brings a strong emotional angle to the story when you least expect it. The next few scenes confirm that Ted finally understands football.

As Ted walks past Jamie, he sees him get heckled by his father for not scoring. Ted gives a full-time speech to the team. He tells the team to be grateful that they are sharing this sad moment together because what is worse is being alone and sad — “Let’s be sad together”.

Coach Beard gives Jamie an envelope as he leaves. It’s a note from Ted complimenting him on the extra pass to win the game. Ted then goes to Rebecca’s office and she asks him to sit. Ted offers to quit and gives her a resignation letter. Rebecca tells Ted that they have work to do for next season. Ted says they need to get promoted and then “Win the whole f*cking thing”.

No-one will grumble at a second season; the finale of Ted Lasso season 1 signs off the series in style and emotion as the football club learns their fate.

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