Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 10 Recap – why was Keeley’s business shut down? 

By Marc Miller
Published: May 17, 2023 (Last updated: May 11, 2024)
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Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 10 - International Break - Recap


This episode is too long but one of the most heartfelt of the season.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 10, “International Break,” which contains spoilers.

The episode “International Break” on Ted Lasso is too long but heartfelt. The titular character has taken a back seat to the show’s supporting characters.

In an episode where many of the characters’ professional and personal lives are turned upside down, they find themselves right where they started. The storylines include players playing in an international tournament, a potential “super league,” and significant developments for Nate (Nick Mohammed) and Keeley (Juno Temple).

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

Why was Sam left off the Nigerian national team?

Sam was left off the Nigerian national team because Edwin Afuko paid the Nigerian government twenty million dollars to keep him off the team, even though he is the country’s best player. Edwin drops this bombshell when he pretends to rent out the entire restaurant, cancels the reservations, and then tells Sam he is opening a better Nigerian restaurant right down the street.

This is something Sam wanted, to represent his home country. And after leading Richmond on a winning streak before the break, this was a great disappointment. However, Jamie was put on England’s team, and in solidarity, he wears Sam’s number to show his support.

Jamie is doing many nice things lately, including locating and giving Roy the jersey he wore at the 2004 World Cup.

Why is Nate no longer the coach of West Ham?

In a stunning development, we learn that Nate quit his job at West Ham as the episode begins. At first, it’s hinted in the media that Nate was fired, and there have been office complaints. However, we later learn that he quit. While it’s never explicitly stated, we believe Nate may be ashamed of what he has become, which resembles Rupert.

After Jade leaves to visit her family in Poland, Nate sneaks back into his parent’s house, his safe place (and where the media is not planted outside his home). He sleeps in bed for days, sometimes eating and sometimes not.

Nate eventually comes out of his room and plays his old violin. After talking to his parents and reconciling how his father treated him (his father explains that he was tough on Nate because he had the opportunities he never had), he finds his smile again.

Why does Rebecca pull out of the potential super league?

Rebecca chooses to pull out of the potential super league because it would ruin the spirit of the game. After being approached by Rupert to join Edwin’s likely super league, Rebecca feels it would not look good for a woman to be in this boys’ club. Rebecca interrupts Edwin’s presentation and is stunned that he wants to price out the working class from buying tickets.

Rebecca tells a story of a young boy who used to sneak into Richmond’s games. She refers to Rupert, who later bought the team as an adult.

Rupert even gave the guard who caught him a promotion. After Rebecca sways the entire group to reject the lead, Edwin throws a fit, but Rupert and Rebecca share a laugh. Rupert tries to kiss Rebecca when they are alone, but she rejects him.

Why was Keeley’s business shut down? 

In a shocking turn of events, Keeley discovers that the business is shut down because Jack pulled her funding. Barbara tells her that Keeley’s ex-girlfriend Jack emailed her in the middle of the night but omitted Keeley. With no money to keep the staff and the business solvent, Keeley must shut down the company.

Keeley ignores Rebecca’s repeated phone calls and ends up at Mae’s bar. After making a great point about standing in “sh*t” to help things grow, Keeley finds Barbara at the office packing. She thanks her for all her hard work and gives her a snow globe.

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Barbara is touched, but only if she buys them, so she provides Keeley the money as long as she emails her a receipt.

What does Roy write to Keeley?

Roy apologizes to Keeley for how he acted towards her last year. After dropping off his niece Phoebe at school, he runs into the teacher, Ms. Bowen. They smile at each other, and Roy mentions last year, and Ms. Bowen comments he looks “lighter” emotionally and how she hoped that didn’t cause too much of a mess. Roy, deep in thought, then uncharacteristically says, “fudge,” instead of his usual curse word. Roy then leaves.

Roy writes Keeley a note and tries to leave it under her door, but she sneaks up behind him. He hands it to her, but she cannot read his handwriting, so she asks him to read it out loud.

We will paraphrase, but he tells Keeley that he was at fault for their breakup and is stuck in his issues. If he made her feel anything other than how great she is, he’s sorry. Oh, and he loves her.

Keeley thanks him, but Roy waits for a reply after putting his heart on his sleeve. He nods slightly and tells her, “Okay.” He leaves, and as Keeley approaches the door, she looks at Roy walking away and moves toward him.

We later see Roy coming down in Keeley’s robe, alluding to the fact they slept together.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 10 Ending Explained

Who does Keeley find to fund her company?

Rebecca tells Keeley that she will replace Jack to finance her company. Keeley accepts the generous offer. When Keeley returns to the office to reopen, Barbara approaches to tell her she gave Jack her resignation. Barbara wants to be Keeley’s CFO. Keeley accepts and hugs Barbara.

The episode ends with Rebecca telling Ted she doesn’t just want to be Rupert but win for Richmond. Rebecca then intentionally does a “spit-take” into Ted’s face, saying it’s ceremonial. This is a nod from the writers to Ted doing the same thing at the end of the first season.

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