Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11 Recap – what does Ted reveal to Rebecca?

By Marc Miller
Published: May 24, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11 Recap


Jason Sudeikis gives a wonderful performance.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11, “Mom City,” which contains spoilers.

“Mom City” is all about the mothers and family grudges but finds AFC Richmond on a historic fifteen-game winning streak. Jason Sudeikis gives one of the best performances of his career. The end sets up what probably may be a series finale or at least Sudeikis’s last episode of the series.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11 Recap

Who comes to visit Ted?

Ted’s mother, Dotty, surprises him with a visit to England. Her presence is well-received by everyone, including Rebecca, who’s thrilled to meet the woman responsible for raising such a kind-hearted man. After correctly guessing Dotty’s identity, Ted’s mom exclaims, “Winner, winner BF Skinner!” Dotty even receives a group hug, during which Coach Beard sings Vengaboys’ “We Like to Party.”

Dotty becomes a hit with the team as she regales them with exaggerated tales of Ted’s adventures. Whether it’s claiming he was the original drummer for Coldplay or recounting to Crimm that Bruce Springsteen pulled him on stage. (Ted politely corrects Dotty, saying that it was Courtney Cox). Ted explains at his friend’s bar mitzvah he did perform “Glory Days” with a dedicated cover band.

However, Ted appears annoyed and puzzled by his mother’s unexpected visit.

Who does the team want back?

Isaac, Colin, and William approach Nate about returning to work as a coach for Richmond. Nate has been helping at his girlfriend’s restaurant, Taste of Athens, and working as a waiter. Nate feels flattered but skeptical about Ted wanting him back. However, the guys haven’t approached Ted yet and wanted to gauge Nate’s interest first. Despite the offer, Nate declines.

The group discusses the matter with Ted, who is open to the idea of Nate’s return. Even Roy recognizes Nate’s potential value to the team, which would complement him nicely. However, Beard strongly opposes the idea.

He warns Ted that if they bring that “Judas” back, he will burn down their facility. Nate admits later to Jade that what happened at Richmond was, in fact, his fault.

However, Nate is fired from Taste of Athens. Jade forced her boss to let Nate go, or she would call the authorities on him. (Right before he fires Nate, he takes a big sniff of cocaine).

Nate comes to terms with the fact he has to go back to AFC Richmond to make amends for his wrongs. Coach Beard shows up at the end of the episode to forgive Nate for his misdeed because Ted did the same thing for him.

What is wrong with Jamie?

Jamie is feeling depressed, and Roy is concerned about him. The once cocky and arrogant superstar athlete has become someone who now apologizes for his actions and shows excessive empathy towards others. To avoid confronting his emotions, Roy asks Keeley to check on Jamie in his hotel room. However, Keeley reveals that her presence only made things worse.

After attending a team gathering to watch You’ve Got Mail, they follow Jamie to a house. It’s his childhood home where his mother and stepfather live. Jamie is a “mamma’s boy” who curls up on the couch with her and confesses that playing against Manchester, his abusive father’s favorite team, triggers traumatic feelings for him.

We also discover that Jamie has a poster of Roy on his wall from when he was a young boy and a provocative poster of Keeley from her modeling days. While Jamie talks to his mother, Roy and Keeley share a private moment on Jamie’s bed.

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Roy expresses his feelings of wanting to be more than friends with Keeley. However, after grabbing Roy’s hand, Jamie interrupts them.

How does AFC Richmond beat Manchester City?

AFC Richmond beats Manchester City after Jamie assists, makes a game-saving play, and scores the final goal. Jamie’s hometown boos him mercilessly (if you remember, for leaving the team for a reality show). He bravely returns to score the second goal after injuring his ankle while making the save. Ted substitutes him out of the game, and the fans now give him a standing ovation.

During the game and while receiving medical attention, Jamie keeps looking for his father, but Ted approaches him and makes a bold suggestion—how about forgiving him?

Jamie, at first, is skeptical because he uses his hatred for his father as motivation. Ted points out that it’s not about forgiving his father but about forgiving himself.

We realize that Ted did this for his father after killing himself.

Why does Dotty come to visit Ted?

Dotty comes to visit Ted to tell him that his son misses him. When Ted arrives home, his mom is cooking him dinner. He confronts her about why she came. Ted thanks Dotty for what she did for him but then tells her, “f**k you” for what she did wrong. Like not talking to him about his Dad’s death and not seeking help for herself.

Ted reveals that he’s afraid to get close to his little boy because it hurts when he has to leave. Ted and Dotty hug, enjoy dinner together, and she leaves before he wakes up. Dotty leaves a loaf of his favorite sunflower seed bread.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11 Ending Explained

What does Ted reveal to Rebecca?

We don’t know what Ted tells Rebecca because the show ended. At the end of the episode, Rupert’s wife, Bex, and his assistant show up at her door for advice, presumably about Rupert’s cheating. Rebecca talks to Ted the next day and reveals something important to him. However, she has nothing new to tell him. This signifies that Rebecca may finally be content.

However, Ted ends the episode by saying, “That’s okay, I got one.”

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