Tehran season 1, episode 4 recap — “Shakira and Sick-Boy”

October 2, 2020
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Episode 4 is a relatively straightforward chapter where characters have time to breathe and bed themselves into the story after a cat and mouse start to the series.

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Episode 4 is a relatively straightforward chapter where characters have time to breathe and bed themselves into the story after a cat and mouse start to the series.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Tehran season 1, episode 4, “Shakira and Sick-Boy” contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping every episode — check out the archive.

The opening

“Shakira and Sick-Boy” starts with Tamar surrounded by a group. Arezoo’s daughter slaps her and calls her a “stinking traitor”. They all beat her up but luckily, a witness nearby tells them to leave her alone. Tamar walks through the streets, bloody and fragile. She heads to Sick-Boy’s house for refuge.

Too risky to extract

Sick-Boy tends to her wounds and offers her a place to stay. Meanwhile, Faraz video calls her wife. She’s just had brain surgery. They both cannot wait to see each other. As for Yael, she tells her boss that it’s too risky to extract Tamar.

The story with Faraz and his wife is interesting because he comes across as a sinister character — there will be a reason why the writers keep focusing on his relationship with his wife.


Fazar interviews Masoud and asks him questions about Tamar. He holds his ground and claims he knows nothing. Faraz also shows him Zhila, her husband, and her boss. Masoud seems to have all the answers to cover the questions.

A temporary marriage

Fazar brings one of Masoud’s customers in for questioning. He asks her what she was doing on the 13th of August at 01.30 am. she claims Masoud was at her house which supports his alibi. The woman (named Mrs. Soltani) breaks down in tears and claims she and Masoud has a relationship in a “Temporary marriage”. Faraz asks if she’s a prostitute.

Episode 4 puts Masoud in a terrible position; covering for Tamar will have personal ramifications — will he keep it together?

Drug money

Tamar finds out that Sick-Boy used her money for the drugs — he promises her the passport regardless but that he needs a clean version. Tamar is restless and leaves. She tells him to stay home and not disappear.

Bringing in the parents

Faraz meets Arezoo’s daughter Razieh. She confirms to him that Tamar stayed at her house and attacked her. Faraz compliments her for loving her country. Faraz then brings in her parents which upsets Razieh. Faraz reminds her parents that they allowed a foreign agent into her home. He reminds them of the punishment for this betrayal to the country — hanging. Arezoo blames herself for letting Tamar into their home. Faraz lets Razieh and her father out and wants to keep Arezoo in for questioning.

Faraz takes no shortcuts and there’s a subtle aura around him that injects fear — it’s easy to mistake his kindness as genuine as it usually leads to something more sinister.

A welcome distraction

Tamar heads out to find a clean passport at Arezoo’s house so Sick-Boy can modify it. She’s nearly caught by Ali and his men and she has to hide. Sick-Boy turns up and pretends to be a rental company and offers a distraction so Tamar can leave safely.

She left respectfully

Faraz interviews Arezoo and he asks where Tamar is. She states that she doesn’t know and that she left respectfully.

Meanwhile, Sick-Boy tells Tamar that the passport from the house is clean but he asks who Zhila is. He wants to know her story. Tamar lies about who she is and gives Zhila’s story, not hers. Sick-Boy tells her she can stay here and be safe.

What’s abundantly obvious in this scene is that Sick-Boy has feelings for Tamar which she can use to her advantage.

This is finished

Faraz interviews Masoud again; there is a sketch of him that fits the description. Masoud claims that the person who described him is a thief and he robbed from him — he claims the witness was fired from his company. Faraz tells Masoud to stop keeping this up because it is finished. He asks Masoud to find Tamar. Masoud continues to deny knowing Tamar.

He’s holding on for now, at least.

A new look

Sick-Boy (now known as Milad) asks Parisa to do Tamar’s makeup. He takes headshots of Tamar for the passport.

In the middle of the night, Milad tells Tamar to get revenge before she leaves and blackout the whole city by infiltrating the electric company. Milad reckons he knows a friend that can make it happen. Milad is sleeping on the floor and Tamar asks him if he’d like to switch. He smoothly says he’d love to join her and he gets in bed and the pair hook up. Tamar tells her that she’s glad she met him.

The next morning, Tamar leaves quietly with her full new look. However, she returns and tells Milad that she wants to return for a few days and blackout the city.

The ending

Faraz’s wife offers to come over and he’s excited. He offers to take the day off so he can spend the day with her. The hospital takes her to the airport but it seems suspicious how it is carried out.

Are these Yael’s people taking Faraz’s wife to the airport? Are they going to offer a swap negotiation?

Tehran season 1, episode 4 is a relatively straightforward chapter where characters have time to breathe and bed themselves into the story after a cat and mouse start to the series.

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