Tehran season 1, episode 8 recap – the finale explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 30, 2020 (Last updated: 1 weeks ago)
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Tehran Season 1 Recap
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Episode 8 lived up to the expectations as the finale pumps up the pace to see if Tamar’s mission is successful. Emotions are on the line and compromises are revealed.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Tehran season 1, episode 8, “Five Hours Until the Bombing Run” — the finale explained — contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping every episode — check out the archive.

The opening

The finale begins with Israeli HQ preparing the planes for deployment. Gorev looks nervous. Meanwhile, Tamar is looking at CCTV footage of Mohammad with Milad, and he turns the camera turns off. Yael tells Tamar that Milad knows too much — Tamar is emotionally conflicted about the situation.

The final episode gives Tamar one last chance to save Milad while also completing the mission.

Enter the anti-aircraft base

Gorev rings Yael and tells her that Nevo’s operation has been neutralised. He tells her to contact her agent and convince him to help enter the anti-aircraft base — “We will not tolerate a nuclear Iran”. Gorev believes there has been a leak.

We need Milad

Yael talks to Tamar about gaining access by hacking the systems. Tamar tells her that they need Milad to do this, but Yael suspects she’s doing this due to her feelings on the situation. She speaks to Milad about getting access, but he claims it is impossible. Tamar shows her emotions and vows it will be “the end” if they can’t. Milad agrees to try and put the fingerprints into the airbase HQ system.

Milad hacks and gives Tamar access. Tamar secretly tells Milad that if he wants to stay alive, he must do everything she says.

The finale of Tehran season 1 sees Tamar doing everything she can to save a life — she has been compromised.

Faraz, the lone wolf

Meanwhile, Faraz is still a lone investigator despite suspicions on him. Ali is feeding him information. He comes across a group of men and pretends that he’s lost his daughter Zhila. A woman tells him that she’s seen him with a man and that she’s fine.

The 8th episode shows how Faraz refuses to give up — he’s had a hunch since the first episode, and the conspiracy he’s unfolding has gone full circle.

A close call

Milad gets access to the base systems, and Tamar asks him to implement the fingerprint scanner. Suddenly, Faraz is at their door. Mohammad stands at the door with a gun ready. Tamar and Milad carry on hacking, and then they escape. Faraz enters but they are already gone — he sees a sticky note on the desk.

The next phase of the mission

Tamar tells Yael that they got the fingerprints into the system. Yael tells Tamar that if Milad makes one mistake, he gets a bullet in his head. Meanwhile, Gorev is still watching the planes en route. Tamar and co. head to the Iranian defense base. Faraz rings a support number and learns the error code from the sticky note is from the Tehran airbase.

Tamar gives Milad a lifeline

And here it is folks, Tamar’s dual plan to carry out the mission while also saving Milad — in the last two episodes it was difficult to figure out if she was going to be cold towards Milad or show the feelings she once displayed.

Milad and Tamar enter the base using their fingerprints — Mohammed’s doesn’t work. Tamar is dressed and disguised as a man. She tells Milad that there’s an emergency exit and asks him to leave. She’s saving him. She apologizes for everything she did to him — she hopes that he doesn’t remember her as the worst thing that ever happened to him. They hold hands briefly. Milad warns Tamar and tells her that hacking the fingerprint system was way too easy.

Tamar manages to get out

Faraz tries to enter the base, but the guard will not let him in at first. Meanwhile, Tamar enters the server room. She’s nearly caught, but she’s acting as a cleaner, and the soldier tells her she has forgotten her mop bucket. Tamar manages to exit, and Yael tells her that allowing Milad to leave puts their operation at serious risk.


Gorev is ready, and Tamar needs to continue hacking to manipulate the radar. They have control — the Iranian radar is blind. Suddenly, Tamar warns Yael that the Iranian base can see the planes — they knew they were coming and sent them to a dummy server. They’ve been double-crossed. Tamar needs to call operations and call-off the planes but then Yael points her gun at Tamar and tells her to stop.

This is a twist that we did not see coming — Yael was working against the team the whole time.

Faraz finally finds them

Faraz finds Mohammad and shoots him. He then enters the house and kills Yael. As he walks around the corner, Tamar wounds Faraz with her gun. She then rings operations and tells Gorev that they’ve been ambushed. Tamar sends the actual radar image.

The ending

Faraz tells Tamar that he was in the same position, with a gun pointed at her father’s head but that he didn’t kill him as he’s a good, noble man. He tells her that his wife’s life is in her hands. Tamar walks off and then finds Milad in the back of a car tied up.

Meanwhile, Israeli planes are attacked. Plane after plane is shot down. The pilots are ejecting themselves. Gorev looks on shocked — their mission has failed. Tamar and Milad ride through Tehran on a motorbike to end the series.

Surely there will be a second season?

Tehran season 1, episode 8 lived up to the expectations as the finale pumps up the pace to see if Tamar’s mission is successful. Emotions are on the line, and compromises are revealed.

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